29 July 2011

RLV Hunting Season - Welcome to Twilight Forest

As mentioned already a few posts earlier I was introduced into the world of hunting sims on SL. Twilight Forest to be precise. When reading my post from back then I have to admit I was full of silly prejudices. Now after I gave hunting a 2nd try I actually like it!

But I better begin with a little introduction: As regular readers might have noticed my SL is not only about building, flying and exploring. Its actually pretty kinky. And kinky in Second Life means RLV.

So what is RLV? RLV is short for Restrained Love Viewer and is basically a tool which brings some "real" BDSM-experience into SL. It for example allows others to restrict your ability of standing up, teleporting, use of your inventory or IMs, chatting, etc. and is usually used with cages, cuffs and similar stuff.

Sounds nasty? Maybe... but perhaps some nastiness is just what BDSM-people love ;-) It can actually be great fun and is pretty thrilling if used with creativity and good role-play.

Speaking of role-play, its just what Twilight Forest is about: You can hunt some human (or non-human) prey for domming or getting hunted and forced to submit by yourself. So you have to be a bit careful when participating there...

For hunting-purposes Twilight Forest uses the Gorean-Combat-System using medival weaponry like bow and arrow, swords, spears, shields etc. but thankfully not applying any gorean-rules. In fact I noticed with pleasure, there's quite an amount of female dominance there - which is right the opposite to Gor.

Ok, enough blabla for now. Lets see some pictures!

Everything you need for getting started: weapons, HUD, RLV-relay and some nice restraints - of course all for free!

A deep dark forest.. what trouble will you encounter here?

Captured prey can be brought to one of the buildings scattered around the forest...

...where you can find some handy restraining devices. Hmmm. I remember this one...

A view at the rough landscape with plenty of hiding places.

There some hidden underground dungeons too. Not easy to find though.

Chatting with one of the regulars there.

No, the campfire is not for grilling your prey! 

If you are curious now about Twilight Forest and how to get RLV: You may perhaps have it already since its already embedded im many Third Party Viewers like Phoenix, Firestorm or the Restrained Love Viewer itself and just waits for you to turn it on and go for some hunting!

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