7 July 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 33

Back on tour - with a new machine even! No, I don't have a new bike. My lovely little pink chopper is just perfect for me. Its a new PC!
After my old one decided to accept only every 30th boot-attempt it was time to send it into retirement. Its just wonderful now to turn up draw-distance without worrying about low fps at all - yay!!!

Corfeld: Back on the  road with new PC but without bike due to a temporary restriction of hands movement...

Apparently you can see much more with some 400 meter more draw distance.

Literally a "sign" of Mole activity.

Shetlon - grrr - always when I don't need them they have plenty of rezz-zones!

Knarley - enjoying Second Lifes unique waterside flora and fauna.

Klens - now that sign just has to get attention.

As its appearance already  betrays, The Joint turned out to be a club, "A club for everyone" even as its owner pointed out.

Chatting with the owner Cromboy Joint (hence the name) in front of his club.

Getting a drink served. Please note the straw.

Quite the striking head. But don't get mislead by his appearance. He's a nice one. And he can mix good cocktails!

Today's route led me from Toyland further into the east of suburbian Corsica. I have to say I like the landscape a lot. Its nicely suburbanized but not too densely populated. Really a pleasing route!

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