5 October 2011

The Looking Glass by Marcus Inkpen

One of the artists in SL who touch me most with their beautiful strange visions is Marcus Inkpen (aka Matthew Root in the analogue world). Perhaps you are familiar with his "No Sound" installation at Utopia04, a wonderful picturesque city-tower I have discovered in summer 2010. Too bad it is gone now but his current project The Looking Glass is at least as enchanting.

One of the first impressions the visitor gets: the view from the main street up to the museum.

The Theater: a classy background for a classy Drow.

Big plus: Shops which actually look like shops!

 Besides houses and landscaping- accessoir you can also find sone very good looking outfits there.

Outside of the picturesque town many wonders are waiting for the curious visitor. Best you just stroll around a bit and let the atmosphere charm you.
I took the path to the museum first before going cross country:

Outside the museum: Even a broken clock shows you the correct time twice a day!

From surreal to sexy - selected Paintings.

The bridge leading away from the museum is a reminiscence to Mark's "No Sound" project. It suits in well to the overall composition, doesn't it?

I'm sure I haven't discovered all sights which are waiting at The Looking Glass. Its a place where you really can spend hours there without getting bored. Check it out!

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