18 October 2011

From Prison to Art-Gallery ...And More

Seems my coverage about the RR-Prison left an impression. Lady Karenjane Walworth, prison-warden and owner of the Walworth Estate has opened an exhibition featuring my prison-pictures - wow!!!

As you might see I had no idea when I took that picture that will make it being an advertisement for an exhibition!

The Gallery is located at the promenade and is easily to reach using the Teleporter Platform at the Entrance.

Not part of the prison exhibition but also very nice. Some sensual paintings from Lady Walworth's private collection.

While being there Lady Walworth also showed me her latest addition to her place. A Feminization station. And yes: it does exactly what its name implies. Time to put my Mad-Scientist-Labcoat on and have a look! ;-)

Lady Walworth put lots of efforts in to provide her patients with some nice free clothes for their "new Second Life" ;-)

A well worked out step-by step procedure. Of course the stains on my coat are not from here...

Recommended by Dr. Some: a cute and capable colleague.

So if you know somebody who is interested in changing his gender or you want to experience it by yourself feel free to contact Lady Walworth and have a look at her clinic!

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