27 October 2011

Air Assault!

What happens if you have a rather uneventful evening at a hunting-sim but a bunch of wonderfully maliciously and creative people around? You simply make something up! In the best case this "something" leads into a nicely amount of chaos and desolation as it happened these days in shady realms of Twilight Forest.

Fully armed and dangerous: Our proud Zeppelin!

The forest saw its first air assault!

Isn't it a lovely view? Fully armed with 6 hot-shot-hunters (and several victims hanging from leashes below us) this wonderful little Zeppelin did rule the skies over Twilight Forest. Of course it was a piece of perfect team work: Our Mistress - Miss Vic - in command was designating the targets, me - as her "admiral" did the tactical navigation and Emma did steer the ship skilfully and with great calamity.

Emma Sunshine: A lovely sub and dedicated airship pilot. (Snapshot taken by Martine Lightfellow - Thanks for sharing!)

Yes, I admit the use of vehicles (and especially huge flying ones) is violating every combat-rule you can think of. But no-one got hurt (at least not too much) and a healthy amount of insane fun prevents you from taking things too seriously. And before you ask: Of course we don't play Gor - and we are proud of that!

Anyway: The outcome of our adventure was pretty pleasing and surely wont be the last mission our Zeppelin will do. We stirred a way too quiet sim nicely up and as our prey began to launch their own air-fleet (consisting of a bondage blimp and a flying carpet) even a nice aerial battle broke out. Let's see where it will show up next time... perhaps above your head?

Thanks Emma for getting this piece of real Mad Drow Science! ;-)

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