13 June 2015

Never Drift Opening Party Sunday 12 PM!

The all-brand-new-shiny-and-steamy Sim Never Drift by my friend Prof. Zen Wickentower has its great opening party tomorrow!

A sim waiting for being discovered: Never Drift

You are invited to celebrate this special event with us at the Cog and Kraken Pub. There will be two shows there. First a dance performance by the Beatniks, then the famous Clyde Barrow (not the one from Bonnie and Clyde though) will sing his jazz-tunes!

Here are the event details:

What? Sim opening Party, dance performance by the Beatniks & live concert with Clyde Barrow
Where? Never Drift
When? Sunday 14 June, 11:30 AM (Beatniks), 12 PM (Clyde Barrow), SLT

See you there!

*** Edit: Sadly the Beatniks won't be able to perform today, but Clyde Barrow will! See you at 12 PM for his show! ***

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