29 June 2015

2nd Week Of The SL12B

After the busybusy preparations for SLB, I spent most of the last week strolling around there (which is quite a task for itself - it is 15 Sims!). Well ok, I also finished building a new vehicle, which I will present soon. But for now, lets have a look at SL12B and some cool exhibits!


Sink Into The Mind

This exhibit serious messes your depth perception up!


It's greeting you with a big smile: The SL12B Welcome Center!

SLB Impressive #15

Spellbound - For some reason nicknamed the "Frog Stage"!


Somehow this reminds me on a war memorial: Ethereal

Dream of Giant Snail Racing

I strongly assume there will be at least one more SLB related post. There is just so much to see and write about! Until then I can just encourage you to have a look on your own ;-)

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