23 September 2013

One Step Closer To World Domination!

Blender kept me pretty occupied the last weeks: After some smaller things (Gramophone, Orrery, Globe, Minizeppelin and the BDSM Mittens) I went for something larger: My first mesh airplane - the Kestrel!

My first Mesh Biplane: Moon and Zen inspecting the "Kestrel" at the Honah Lee Airport after it's successful maiden flight.

Later on, during test flights, something fun happened. I was just preparing to land at the St. Diabloux Airport when my friend Moon spotted a very familar object hovering proudly over Blake Sea: a Prometheus-Class Carrier - yay!

Drow Science meets Drow Science: The "Kestrel" making a stop at a familiar looking place.

My heart always jumps from joy when I see my creations in-world. And its good when their owners do some customizations on them. Thats why I like keeping them modifyable: it's showing respect and apprechiation to your customers. It is giving them something they can customize and make part of their personal space.

A few weeks earlier I saw another one at New Babbage. A sight that also made me really proud :-)

The Prometheus-Class over New Babbage.

12 September 2013

New Mesh Mittens Released!

I am happy and proud to present our newest creation. You might remember my little preview earlier. Well here they are:

RLV Mesh Leather Mittens

They look so good, don't they? The mittens feature full RLV support with 3-level touch-block, animated padlocks which close when locked and an extensive appearance system with shine options (gives a great latex-look) and custom tints.

RLV Deluxe Mesh Mittens

The deluxe version has also - additionally to the regular leather look -  unique and cool tintable texture options. Some of them are definitely steampunk compatible too! :-)

You can get them at Emma's store Sunshine Technology

11 September 2013

Pimp My... Airplane!

One of the planes I really like a lot is my Vintage 2-Seater Biplane. It is really a fun to fly, it is not too big, so you can still do silly things with it like fly between houses or land on their roofs, yet it has enough space for a passenger!

A Classic!

By design its a classical airplane of the 1920s and early 1930s. Ideal for lovers of open cockpits radial engines!

Now, one of my customers - Jean Severine - surprised me with some really cool modifications. I have to say he changed its character quite drastically, but I like it!

The Wild Orchid!

He made it definitely more sporty and modern looking than its original design. Its a different airplane now and yes, it did inspire me to make a mesh version in its spirit - more info coming soon! ;-)

For now enjoy some more pictures of it. Its a pixie, isn't it?

A first look at it: nicely done!

En route to the Second Norway Airport.

Safe landing of course - and it looks so good!

10 September 2013

Sometimes Harsh Contrasts Make the Most Interesting Flavours

We thought - well maybe hoped - it might never happen, But it did. I stand in awe and wonder before it: Steampunk Rap!

Its Steampunk, its nuts - of course I like it! Thanks for sharing, Oio ;-)


Here is some more. Too good to not share it!

6 September 2013

...Tomorrow The World!

At least in small:

Simply global: Steampunk Mesh Globe

This lovely globe is my latest mesh creation. It has a classy, luxurious look, combined with a very healthy land impact of 1 prim.
Want something different? Maybe a globe projecting the Moon or the Mars? No problem - you can switch the sphere textures by a simple click!

As always you can get it

on the Markeptace