11 September 2013

Pimp My... Airplane!

One of the planes I really like a lot is my Vintage 2-Seater Biplane. It is really a fun to fly, it is not too big, so you can still do silly things with it like fly between houses or land on their roofs, yet it has enough space for a passenger!

A Classic!

By design its a classical airplane of the 1920s and early 1930s. Ideal for lovers of open cockpits radial engines!

Now, one of my customers - Jean Severine - surprised me with some really cool modifications. I have to say he changed its character quite drastically, but I like it!

The Wild Orchid!

He made it definitely more sporty and modern looking than its original design. Its a different airplane now and yes, it did inspire me to make a mesh version in its spirit - more info coming soon! ;-)

For now enjoy some more pictures of it. Its a pixie, isn't it?

A first look at it: nicely done!

En route to the Second Norway Airport.

Safe landing of course - and it looks so good!

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