23 September 2013

One Step Closer To World Domination!

Blender kept me pretty occupied the last weeks: After some smaller things (Gramophone, Orrery, Globe, Minizeppelin and the BDSM Mittens) I went for something larger: My first mesh airplane - the Kestrel!

My first Mesh Biplane: Moon and Zen inspecting the "Kestrel" at the Honah Lee Airport after it's successful maiden flight.

Later on, during test flights, something fun happened. I was just preparing to land at the St. Diabloux Airport when my friend Moon spotted a very familar object hovering proudly over Blake Sea: a Prometheus-Class Carrier - yay!

Drow Science meets Drow Science: The "Kestrel" making a stop at a familiar looking place.

My heart always jumps from joy when I see my creations in-world. And its good when their owners do some customizations on them. Thats why I like keeping them modifyable: it's showing respect and apprechiation to your customers. It is giving them something they can customize and make part of their personal space.

A few weeks earlier I saw another one at New Babbage. A sight that also made me really proud :-)

The Prometheus-Class over New Babbage.

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