21 June 2012

SL9B - Or Simply "Happy Birthday SL!"

Yes, its nearly unbelievable, but our good old Second Life is now nine (!) years old. An anniversary mostly ignored by Linden Labs though - seems they still don't really know how to handle their own creation. But the community again showed its creativity and the wonderful DIY approach which made SL the place we all know and love - its all about the people!

Under http://sl9b.wordpress.com you can find a list Landmarks, a schedule of the ongoing events and a lot more!

Click me for TP

Sadly there isn't much time left - just a few days till the celebrations end on 27th june. So hurry! There is a lot to explore. For example a lovely exhibit and party-place featuring the ancient Egypt:

Of course I had to explore it by plane. It just fits wonderfully into the setting!

Luvia proved herself as skilled pilot handling even the worst lag-crosswinds while I took the pictures.

Ok, enough of blogging. I'll head off to SL9B - see you there!

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  1. Love the pix, especially the first one of the plane casting its shadow on the pyramid.