25 April 2014

Where Beauty Meets Sadism - Dark Wishes - Part 2

Where did we stop? Ah yes, my tour around Dark Wishes, home of Night Wish Toys and their creator Talia Davoid. And I promised you posting some pony-play shots of her.
We will go to them very soon and I assure you it has been a great session. But first let's have some more beatiful landscape shots - just because - because I'm a little sadist and want you to wait.

Isn't it lovely here? Listen to the waterfalls, the singing birds.

You reach the falls through a nicely shadily passage.

Getting impatient yet? Or want more nice landscape shots? I made tons of pictures of the local birds and flowers... ok ok - here you go. I did invite my friend Oio to accompany us. And Taffy, so Talia does not has to do all the work alone:

There is hardly a more cute thing in nature than a happy pony! Ok, perhaps two!

I took one of the public carts at the stables there. They have a nice realistic speed. Perfect for a relaxing photo tour!

Driving past the puppy-kennels.

And the Magus-Tower. A cool little place for some magic-related RP.

This scenic view made me investigating the place further on my own:

It is a lovely secluded place surrounded by the dark forest.

Inside it doesn't betrays its medieval-fantasy-setting. Please note the slave-chains at the walls.

Downstairs a Cthulhu-eque bondage situation awaits you.

Another remarkable building - and probably the one which draws most attention at it due to its impressive appearance - is the Fortress:

It certainly looks the part!

The entrance is equipped with plenty of handy RLV devices.

The elevator isn't one of them. Even if it looks the part!

The Dungeon has plenty of cells for long-term storage and bdsm furniture.

The upper levels are more comfy. There are several very decently decorated rooms.

Which also offer plenty of play-opportunities.

I just love stocks!

The top level has a dancefloor and some simply heavenly spots for taking photos!

Thats about it - I hope you enjoyed my little tour through Dark Wishes. I certainly did! I can recommend it to everyone who is searching for a good place for BDSM roleplay or plain relaxing in a very welcoming settting.

Speaking of plainly relaxing - Moon certainly is!

Traveller's Guide to Dark Wishes BDSM Playground.

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