11 April 2014

Meyonia - The Banana-Republic You're Going to Love - Part 1

Second Life is full with sims where the owners try to create something personal and unique. Ideally a good sim is its own microcosm which captivates you upon the very first moment you enter it. Venice, which I featured recently is a good example and especially the sim my friend Randy calls her home: Meyonia!

Meyonia South - the urbanized part of the country.

The Republic of Meyonia is a independent tropical micro-mini-state and quite the ideal lesbian banana republic en miniature. It is a place full of wonderful, silly and twisted fun.
I wanted to write about this place for a while now and it was a very welcome distraction from building. So I grabbed Taffy and Oiolosse and did explore the place.

One of the first views you might get in Meyonia

But before you should be better get informed about the local customs - innovative and entertaining penalizations btw!

Strip-searches might also happen at the customs.

But at least you will get the chance to be naked beneath a portrait of their president. isn't that nice?

Coming from the immigration office you likely want to see the heart of the republic: The Sapho Plaza. A place as important and glorious as the Forum Romanum in ancient Rome, the National Mall in Washington D.C. or the Red Square in Moscow!

The Administrative center of Meyonia. The most important buildings of the state are gathered here.

Like Meyonia's Grand Hotel.

It is called "La chatte Ronronnante", which means "The dripping puss... KITTY"!

Quite a stately accomodation. Nothing dripping there though - yet.

The White House of Meyonia. Please note the Meyonian National Flag. Yes, it has a paw on it, why do you ask?

Now thats almost as cool as ECTO 1, isn't it?

Side-view of the White House. As you can see Meyonians value art very highly. Especially if its nude art. The lady is even animated.

Business in Meyonia: TV station, beauty salon, maid academy and a Attorney.

To comfortably explore the rest of the place, Randy offered us a ride with a Jeep from the Meyonian Army.

A pity we didn't had enough space to get taffy seated too. But you know me: I'm never shy about improvising something and apart from a few bruises he survived being chained to the Jeep pretty well.

To keep my postings not too long I make a cut here. Part 2 of my journey will follow soon. Stay tuned!

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