17 October 2015

The Femdom Hunt VI has started!

Everyone who looks forward of walking with high heels over Antony's bare butt again: rejoice - the Femdom Hunt VI is on!

Apart from the trampling aspect (which might have escalated a little in earlier hunts), there are also cool gifts to grab (that's even what the hunt is officially about!) and new places to explore.

This hunt is a quite special one for Emma and me btw. we are currently re-branding Sunshine Technology into S & em. So if you couldn't find us yet on the list of hunt locations: we are there and you will get a literally captivating gift with our new (and highly elegant) logo!

New logo and hunt gift in one frame!

Like it? Come and grab it at our store: S & em (Hunt Location #11)

1 October 2015

Want to see the Prometheus in SL? Here are some places:

Good news! The new Prometheus-Class is now on exhibit in its full life-sized glory at Never Drift and Dark Wishes.

For the future there are several extensions for the ship planned - stay tuned!

23 August 2015

The Prometheus II Is here!

I know some of you have been waiting for this release quite a while - too long actually. But real-life had quite a word in that matter and while I'd have loved to see it released at a much earlier date, that was just not possible.

But the long waiting is now over and I can honestly say that the Prometheus-Class II is by far the best ship I ever built. While it shares the same basic layout the old Prometheus-Class has (including 3 decks, elevator and a segmented bridge section), the new ship makes much more use of its space and looks also much more streamlined - and yes: a little bit more aggressive too^^

I also gave it two optional engine variants. Steam engines and dieselpunk-inspired radial engines in the style of the 1930s - and I think they both look very good in it!

Oh and the best thing of all: there is a flyable version too!

Here some specifications:


  • Length with landing strip retracted: 44.60 m
  • Length with landing strip extended: 68 m
  • Width: 30.10 m
  • Height: 16.50 m

Enough blablah - lets have some pictures. They say more than a thousand words anyway:

The Prometheus-Class II is now available on the Marketplace! I decided to put it on a promotional price for the first week - so better get it as long its cheap!^^

22 August 2015

Femdom Hunt VI

Good news for kinky freebie hunters: The 6th Femdom Hunt is coming closer! It is a gridwide BDSM and fetish related gift-hunt, hosted by Z&A Productions (no hunting submissives, sorry folks!^^).

Femdom Hunt VI

Antony does such a great job with designing the ads each year - lets have a look on the past ones:

The Femdom Hunt V, 2014, slightly influenced by a game about stealing motorized vehicles. Very slightly.

The Femdom Hunt 4, 2013: I think we can speak of a recurring theme here.

2011: I think there has been a year when there were actually two Femdom Hunts. Might been this one. Please note the teutonic-style typeface: The font of order and obedience!^^. Also nice are the roses hinting the bdsm triskelion.

The Femdom Hunt will go from October 16th till November 1st and - as every year - some of the most known BDSM-related stores and sims will participate. Bad idea to miss it!

You can grab more info at:

The Femdom Hunt Blog

and of course on the

Z&A Productions Blog

21 August 2015

The Steam Awakens

Just posting this here because... because!

And before you wonder: no, the Prometheus refit hasn't been shelved, as this picture may suggest. To the contrary actually. More news very soon...

20 August 2015

The Blogging World just got a tad more kinky - Meyonia has a Blog now too!

The lovely Becky Orellana will keep you in touch with the latest gossip rumours news about Meyonia - and there is a lot to write about.

Meyonia, Main Plaza, Drow with bare butt.

Meyonia is a lovely little tropical micro state/banana republic (except they don't export bananas) and a pretty vibrant place. It is also pretty laid back with a more than subtle erotic undertone - and there is always something going on!

Meyonia's reporter and blogger Becky!

Currently the upcoming presidential elections are a big topic there. And frankly, much more entertaining than the elections in the USA next year! The latest reports are that the maids are on strike - with possibly negative consequences for one of the candidates...

I bet you are curious about whats going on in Meyonia now. Have a look at their Blog and feel free to visit the place!

5 August 2015

The Aeronaut Express - August 2015 Edition

Never Drift, the city of the floating isles, is not only the home of the Cog and Kraken Pub and a pretty mad Professor, it is also the home of the Aeronaut Express, a monthly magazine for steampunks, airship-pilots and dashing explorers.

Jack Tracker 99, from Sprokit & Kogg Publishers is the editor and writer of the Aeronaut Express - and he does a fantastic job. Each magazine contains a colourful mixture: News, coverage of past and upcoming Aeronautical events (ever heard the name Lawnchair Larry? if not, you missed something!), for example the famous Airship Regattas, infos about aviation/steampunk sims, recent air-kraken activity and much more. SL and RL builders will also apprechiate the freebie textures and the occasional DIY guide.

Subscribing to the Aeronaut Express is free. You can find the subscribers at various places on the grid. For example at the Cog and Kraken Pub in Never Drift.