28 August 2014

Starting Monday - The Renaissance Hunt!

To hunt, or not to hunt - thats not really a question! Especially with this little gift I made:

I was told I look "so serious" on this picture.

I am always serious.

Actually, I was Shakespeare's ghostwriter. Really! He just objected the car-chases I wanted to add.

As you might have guessed by now the theme this year is "William Shakespeare". An opportunity to make more puns than you can shake a spear at - and to work yourself through 83 destinations!

 Here some facts in short:

Start: Sept 1
End: Sept 30
Starting location: The Renaissance Faire
Renaissance Hunt Blog: Click me!
Complete list of locations: Click me too!

See you there!

Edit: Whoops - I made a little mistake regarding the date. Sept 1 is not coming Sunday, its actually Monday! Too much excitement I guess ;-)

21 August 2014

New Products And Prometheus-Status Update


Since the Prometheus-mesh is now finished and we are working on the last few bits (real-life did slow scripting progress down, but no worries, we are working on it!) I have now some time trying to catch up with my to-do list - yes its long!

One of the things I wanted to finish quite a while ago is a improved version of my Steampunk Monoplane:

Steampunk Mesh Monoplane

And update my Da Vinci Airscrew Helicopter:

Da Vinci Airscrew Helicopter

One thing I am especially proud of is the Steampunk DJ Station - completely new designed from scratch:

Steampunk DJ Station

Dancing on the thin wire between madness and style - steampunk audio!

All new releases feature materials-effects using the advanced lighting model. It is really amazing how realistic they look now!
A Dieselpunk Variant of the DJ Station is also in the making. Despite being released as stand-alone products they will be also part of the new rezzing system of the Prometheus-Class.

As usual all these items are available on the Marketplace and soon inworld too!

4 August 2014

What A Blast: The Prometheus Launch Party!

We had been planning this event for a while now, though timing issues in both SL and RL delayed things a bit. The final date was set relatively spontaneous to Saturday (with relatively spontaneous determinating the time too). You can imagine how happy - no - how amazed and blown away I was to welcome so many visitors nevertheless! Thank you everyone who came by at this quite improvised date and time!

My good friend Moondog Merlin did a fantastic job photographing the party. Many thanks to her!

Coming Soon: The Femdom Hunt V!

Oh my - its that time again! One of the biggest events in the SL BDSM scene is getting nearer and nearer - the Z&A Femdom Hunt!

The hunt will go from October 17 to November 2 and we will of course Sunshine Technology will have cooked up a special gift for you. No, I won't give you any details yet.

Stay tuned for more info about the hunt and have a look at the Official Femdom Hunt Blog and of course the Z&A Blog too!

24 July 2014

Zombie Hibernation

Sometimes things in RL happen which make SL seem pretty irrelevant. Over the weekend one of those happened:
A friend is in trouble and in order to help her we have decided to let the sim hibernate for 2 months (or as long as needed) and use the money to support her instead.

Breaking down the place and restoring it later on is really just an inconvenience compared to the good we can do with helping our friend - so the decision wasn't really hard for us.

We will close the sim in the next days, but Shoregate will return! All proud and dirty and zombie-infested as we know and love it! Its just a matter of time.

We'll be back!

The closing will not affect construction work on the Prometheus-Class Refit. I will keep you informed about the new location of the exhibit.

21 July 2014


The building phase on the refitted Prometheus is finished now - at least to 99%. I might change a few things and a few things want to be added, but compared to the sheer bulk of the ship its just small modifications.

So whats next? Textures! Over the last days I did some extensive testing of SL's advanced lighting model - usually creating my own material layers from the textures. You can see how nicely metallic the ship's hull reflects light now. Since the ship will have various texture-options it is of course important to make sure that every variant will meet the standards, without looking too polishes or too bumpy.

After texturing is finished, scripts will follow. The aim there is allowing the user to operate the ship's many functions by a logic and intuitive menu without a Doctor's degree or having studied the manual.

Yes, thats me dancing on its roof! A special thank you to my friends (too many to name them all really) who gave me lots of input during the whole process of building - your support is highly apprechiated!

14 July 2014

Almost There...

While the Germans were playing for the world cup I was doing something productive (ok, and watched the game a bit too - quite a thriller!) and did some more work on the refitted Prometheus. The progress looks massive over the last days, but the actual work was done over weeks (and weeks and more weeks). Now its just uploading, assembling, texturing, testing and fixing and uploading again.

Germany may have became world champion, but the really important thing for me that night was seeing the Prometheus getting shape. Its a champion by its own!

As mentioned in my previous post the ship is docked at the Shoregate-harbor which makes finally its debut as airship-port. During its construction ship is open for exploration - and afterwards too!

Taxi to Shoregate Harbor.