24 July 2014

Zombie Hibernation

Sometimes things in RL happen which make SL seem pretty irrelevant. Over the weekend one of those happened:
A friend is in trouble and in order to help her we have decided to let the sim hibernate for 2 months (or as long as needed) and use the money to support her instead.

Breaking down the place and restoring it later on is really just an inconvenience compared to the good we can do with helping our friend - so the decision wasn't really hard for us.

We will close the sim in the next days, but Shoregate will return! All proud and dirty and zombie-infested as we know and love it! Its just a matter of time.

We'll be back!

The closing will not affect construction work on the Prometheus-Class Refit. I will keep you informed about the new location of the exhibit.

21 July 2014


The building phase on the refitted Prometheus is finished now - at least to 99%. I might change a few things and a few things want to be added, but compared to the sheer bulk of the ship its just small modifications.

So whats next? Textures! Over the last days I did some extensive testing of SL's advanced lighting model - usually creating my own material layers from the textures. You can see how nicely metallic the ship's hull reflects light now. Since the ship will have various texture-options it is of course important to make sure that every variant will meet the standards, without looking too polishes or too bumpy.

After texturing is finished, scripts will follow. The aim there is allowing the user to operate the ship's many functions by a logic and intuitive menu without a Doctor's degree or having studied the manual.

Yes, thats me dancing on its roof! A special thank you to my friends (too many to name them all really) who gave me lots of input during the whole process of building - your support is highly apprechiated!

14 July 2014

Almost There...

While the Germans were playing for the world cup I was doing something productive (ok, and watched the game a bit too - quite a thriller!) and did some more work on the refitted Prometheus. The progress looks massive over the last days, but the actual work was done over weeks (and weeks and more weeks). Now its just uploading, assembling, texturing, testing and fixing and uploading again.

Germany may have became world champion, but the really important thing for me that night was seeing the Prometheus getting shape. Its a champion by its own!

As mentioned in my previous post the ship is docked at the Shoregate-harbor which makes finally its debut as airship-port. During its construction ship is open for exploration - and afterwards too!

Taxi to Shoregate Harbor.

10 July 2014

The Titan Has Landed!

How long I've been waiting for this moment! After countless hours, tests, designing and re-designing (things simply doesn't always work out as planned) - my big "Prometheus-Class Refit"-Project is now close be finished!

I knew it would be a hard piece of work. My experience with building the Daedalus showed me that building large-dimensioned, curved mesh structures isn't exactly a simple task.
Actually it was quite megalomaniac, nuts, insane ambitios to do it. And indeed, building it demanded a lot of patience from me.
Well I kept hanging on. With some interruptions spent on building things I wanted to have done for quite a while now. You simply need to get your mind free from time to time.

What you see now on these charming little pictures is the Prometheus as I did envision it right away. A huge, but at the same time pretty sleek and elegant vessel. There are countless things you simply can't do with prims and building the original about a year ago taught me the lesson that if I wanted to get ahead with building, I had to do the step and make meshes.

The refitted Prometheus is the result of my experiences in building more and more complex (and larger) structures. I started with my Steampunk Grammophone about a year ago. A very good project to learn the foundation of creating shapes, UV-mapps and all these things. Then I went on building more and more complex things like the Kestrel Biplane and eventually the already pretty big Daedalus-Class Airship. Every build was a challenge on its own and I did learn a lot from each.

Also building in large sizes means furthermost that every little detail counts. Everything will be enlarged and the slightest blunder will be visible eventually. There is very, very little tolerance for cheating, believe me.
The happier am I that I did succeed with my quite ambitious goal of building not only a very decent looking ship, but also one which has a very reasonable Primcount. The Prometheus as you see it on the pictures has a land impact of less than 60! Of course this number will grow with more elements added, but I think 60 for a body shell of this scale is already a nice landmark!
Speaking of size: The ship got its name from the titan of Greek mythology, who wasn't only pretty... titanic - but also a bright and inspirational mind. A real inventor, who taught the humans how to use fire. If you ask me its quite a fitting name for a - as I already said - quite ambitioned project I learned a lot from.

Oh, and a word about its design: It has definitely a stronger bias towards Dieselpunk now (just look at these fins!), which I find quite suiting to my Airplane designs. I will however include a more steampunk-oriented variant too. The ship will be quite customizable with different texture- and layout-options, including a glamorous ballroom-variant!

The next days will see further improvements on the mesh (some things you can't see before you haven't rezzed your build inworld and stepped into it) and uploading and adding of the rest of the ship's parts.
I set up a construction-site at Shoregate where I'm assembling it. Yes, it looks a bit like the space-dock in Star Trek where they did refit Kirk's Enterprise. No, thats not a concidence.
Be welcome to visit the site, but keep in mind its still work-in-progress: I don't garantee for your safety from falling polygons, also the textures at some parts still need to dry, so be careful what to touch!

As usual I will keep you updated about my progress on this blog. Hell, I can't wait to see this thing in all its gorgeousness!

28 June 2014

The End... Can Look So Damn Cool!

Since all the talk lately of SL's upcoming Armageddon (which I find greatly exaggerated - people say SL is dead since I can remember!) I found it a good idea to show you the beauty of end-times. And what is better for this than the scenic post-apocylptic town of Shoregate!

Shoregate is the project of Cyhtleen, Zen and me. A post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested town with biker-club/fortified compound nearby. We might got a bit inspired by the Fallout-games. Of course - how you can approach the whole end-of-civilzation-theme without Fallout??

Anyway, its a wonderfully detoriated and fucked up place, which still has this special something... charme, style - and a very relaxed approach. Best take a look by yourself:

On the lookout for zombies at the parking garage.

"Our shadows taller than our souls..." - the airport-area.

Having totally an eye on the situation.

Of course every good town needs a supermarket.

Where the streets all have names.

Traces of a long-gone battle...

...abandoned places.

Not-so-abandoned places.

Just outside of the town you can find a drive-in cinema:

Recently there has also been increased air-activity in the region:

One of my Prometheus-Class Carriers (soon to be replaced by the refit version) and one of the Professor's dirigibles.

Driving through the desert you will eventually find the Disaster Area Bar & Grill-Club (a little 'hats off' to Douglas Adams):

A fata morgana? A hallucination? - No, its Disaster Area!

As you can see you don't need a bike to drink here. An Airship does it just as well!

Who says Drows are menacing??

For the future (yes - there is even a future after the apocalypse!) we have planned some tools to increase the interactvitiy: Vehicle rezzers for guests, a freebie-hunt and perhaps our own combat system with zombie-infection meter!

Feel invited to explore the place - here is the ticket for the ship to shoregate harbor: click!

25 June 2014

The End Of the World As We Know It?

My doomsday outfit!

The news about LL working on a successor to Second Life are now a few days old and yes, they caused quite the waves in the community, like in the SL forum.

I admit I was a bit upset too. This feel of impending Armageddon - Antony caught it pretty well btw. - isn't a too nice thing really. But now, since I did reflect a little over the issue, I see it quite relaxed. And I will tell you why:

Firstly I think LL just had what they often have - bad timing. Likely somebody did leak the news and the LL CEO Ebbe Altberg had to jump in and confirm the rumour before it gets a unhealthy dynamic on its own.
So they were unprepared to announce it at such a soon date. And that didn't made communicating easier. In fact it stirred quite the fears of many SL-user about losing their inventories, their lands and all the money and effort they put into it over the time.
Well, according to Ebbe's posts (starting here) "SL2" will not be totally backwards compatible and hence they don't guarantee that everything will be transferable.
I think thats a realistic approach. SL's technology is still widely based on the standards of 2003 (and lets be frank: it looked already back then rather poor for its time), so its unlikely that everything what works in SL will work in SL2. It would mean to carry over a lot of the dated technology SL is based on.
However "everything" doen't means "anything". I actually think they will try to get a lot transferred. Simply because its 1) technical doable and 2) people losing large amounts of the virtual property are unlikely to invest in it again. Once bitten, twice shy.

What do we can expect to be transferable? Of course I am not a LL developer, so I don't know their agenda. But I will try to do my best to give you an educated guess of the technical possibilities by a experienced SL user and content creator:

  • Static meshes, sounds, notecards and textures are the most likely to be easy transferable. There is nothing specific to SL with them which prevents conversion to another platform. 
  • Prims will be a bit trickier, but since you can - thanks to the Singularity viewer - export them already now to collada-files (*.dae, one of the standard file types 3D-build programs like Blender or Lightwave use), and convert them pretty easily into meshes, I don't really see a reason why there can't be an automatic  prim-to-mesh converter which does this job for you.
  • Same applies for sculpts - at least on paper. I don't expect them to be in SL2 though, since they are simply hellish unefficient. But technically it is possible to convert them to meshes just like prims.
  • Rigged meshes (or to make it simple: most mesh clothes) are going to be difficult though. Rigging means that you link the mesh to the avatar's bones, so that they move and bend with at the avatar's knees, elbows etc. like real clothes do. I strongly assume that LL will make new avatar models with a much higher level of detail and more skeletal bones. So the "old" way of rigging won't work there. Perhaps they can be converted too. That depends though. For example if LL uses again one standard skeleton for all avs or if content creators will be able to make their own custom skeletons  but thats sheer speculation now. I won't hold my breath, but there can be always a surprise.
  • Animations/poses will likely have the same issues as mesh clothing, since they also use the avatar's skeletal bones.
  • Avatar shapes and skins are going to be tricky too. Especially since we don't know if LL will use a standard avatar at all. I think IF there is going to be a standard av, there should be a way to convert the values of the Av-shape from the SL to the SL2 model. Skins though are likely not to be compatible, due to the different texture mapping.
  • Scripts are also a tricky thing. If they are going to be usable in SL2, or if they can be converted depends on several factors: If LL will use the old scripting language or making a completely new one, or using an existing one. If we assume that LL will get rid of the shortcomings of the current LSL and abandon it, the old scripts wont work of course. Hard to say though if its going to be possible to convert the scripts to the new language. As you see there are a lot of "if"s. We just don't have enough information yet to give a definite answer.
  • Cloth-layers and alphas also seem to me to be almost impossible to convert. Like skins they rely on the texture-mapping of the standard-avatar and its doubtful it will be the same. Also since mesh-clothes are now quite the standard for avatar-apparel, I don't see LL being willing to spend too many ressources in an outdated technology. I also have hopes that there will be ways to replace the manual attaching of alpha-layers to hide your feet (or other bodyparts which would peek through your clothes) with a more efficient, less bothersome way. Fingers crossed.

But apart from these technological issues are the legal implications too: Do content creators need to give their agreement if LL wants to convert their content to the new platform? If so - how will the procedure look like? The infamous TOS-changes certainly appear in a different light now.
Also what about the products which don't work in SL2 anymore? I'm sure many content creators who migrate will offer a free updated SL2-compatible version sooner or later. Others might speculate on their customers buying things twice.

If you are in SL for a few years like I am, It is like a nicely worn pair of shoes. You slip in and its just right. We became used to the way it works and also used to things which don't work (lets be honest: SL has huge technical shortcomings). And now becoming aware that this little digital universe we spend quite some time in has a limited lifespan, leaves an odd feeling.
Of course we know all things come to an end, but knowing and realising are two different things. Changing to SL2 means leaving your comfort-zone and start over again. Thinking rational we knew this would sooner or later happen. But it always comes too soon, doesn't it?

Right now I can understand the feeling some friends of me did express about their possessions in SL and their land holdings becoming "worthless". Many people put a lot of passion into SL. What you see day-by-day is after all not a LL product. They just offer the framework, the blank canvas. Countless people filled it with incredible creativity and energy. No surprise they are afraid it might all disappear.

I think though the change won't be as bad as people fear after all. As long LL provides a still stable economy (with a stable L$ of course) and makes the accounts and as many inventory items as possible transferable. After all we rely on their promise that this virtual world will be around next time we login since we registered our accounts, made inworld-friends and spent the first money there.

This doesn't means however that we should give LL a "carte blanche". We are all investors in their virtual worlds, if its SL or SL2, or whatever its going to be called. Without us SL is just a bunch of servers creating no profits for their hosts. What LL needs to do as soon as possible is to give a clear statement about user-created and user-owned content: A whitelist of categories of items which will make it to SL2 and further specifications of their new world.

I hope my words were of some use for you. I tried my best to put events and my thoughts on them into order. I'm not a friend of panicing. LL has some homework to do now to calm the waves. I think in the end their instinct of self-preservation will prevail.

16 June 2014

The Sorceress Bound And Gagged

The fourthnightly (what a beautifully old-fashioned word!) Raven Park dances are usually a fine opportunity to plunder your inventory, making intensive surveys of the Marketplace for the perfect outfit - or panically looking for something (or anything) that somehow fits to the theme. Often in the last 30 mins before the start.

Saturday's "Messed-up Disney"-dance was in no way different. The clock was ticking louder and louder while I was pondering, searching and researching. Of course for a villains outfit - they always get the interesting ones! But I was not really getting somewhere, until I went for the perhaps most obvious choice I could do - Maleficent!

After I set my mind (the other options I did favorize were Cruella DeDrow or a sexy Captain Hook) I wondered about the odds of outfit-clashing.
But since it was such an obvious costume (do I need to mention the movie with Angelina Jolie? I think not!) I was pretty sure that no-one else would pick it - and was right - phew!

The party was a blast - and decoration (bambi goes rambo) and tunes (as always by the wicked Eve Terr) were spot on and weird fun! Click!

I liked the outfit so much that I just kept it on. Actually I am really amazed how well the outfit works with my Drow-self.
Of course some might say it simply shows the real me now...

Though it got a really interesting twist after being restraint: Cuffs, chains and gag nicely foil the image of the powerful, evil sorceress - or making you wonder what might happen when I get free...

As often the best ideas just happen. Things fall into place - and in the end you are just as surprised by their outcome as everyone else!