16 April 2016

New Rentals at Dark Wishes!

A couple of days ago, I wrote about Linden Labs offering lower prices for their land. My friend Talia instantly picked up that opportunity and opened a second Sim for rentals and extension for her pony track too!

There are currently three levels of rentals:

Level 1 - Houseboat with 50 prims allowance for L$ 75 per week

Level 2 - Parcel with 250 prims allowance for L$ 450 per week  

Level 3 - Parcel with 400 prims for L$ 750 per week

Level 3 also have a spacious dungeon skybox included!

The new sim, Dark Wish, is just south of the Night Wish sim. You can just walk over there and check it out!

Teleport to Dark Wishes

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