22 March 2015


Spring is coming! And to encounter the increased level of sunlight by the stylish way, I have released fashionable steampunk Sunglasses.

Steampunk Flip-Lense Sunglasses. Made of certified mesh-wood to protect the rainforest!

As special feature they come with flip-lenses and six different lense colours. Yes, makes them look a little nerdy, but nerdy is the new cool! Especially if you are a steampunk!

The also come in Walnut...

...Ebony. The black & gold combination is lovely, isn't it?!

Also new in my store: Art Deco Fanlights: keeping you cool and illuminated, and this for just 1 Li!

Simple elegance: Art Deco Fanlights.

Visit Drow Science at New Shoregate, or at the Marketplace.

11 March 2015

Hunting Streetsigns with Balloons!

At least kinda ;-) I wanted to give you a quick heads-up on the recent events and activities concerning Drow Science and New Shoregate. 

Lets start with the Battle Balloon tournament, which 4th competition will be held tomorrow 1 PM, New Shoregate (same time-space coordinates as always)

For the Rambo-moments in life: New Shoregate's Battle Balloon Tournament!

Tomorrow is also when our Name-the-Street-contest is ending. You still have the chance of getting some steampunktastic prizes, so hurry and send me your note! :-)

Oh no! A blank Sign! Help it getting a name - and its friends too!

And last but not least: The Steam X hunt is going throughout march, which this lovely gift waiting for the brave hunters:

Want know more - check out the Steam X blog. The battle balloons are waiting here at their take-off site, and this link leads you to the Name-the-Street-Contest!

I wish you lots of fun and good luck!

8 March 2015

Street-Naming-Constest: Countdown Is Ticking!

Just a few days left till the New Shoregate Street-Naming-Contest closes! To preserve your chances for some cool prizes (up to airship-size!) send in your proposals before March 12!

The rules are rather simple: write your idea for each number into a notecard and write your name on it, so we can identify you later! (Hint: you don't have to name each number, but each number which gets chosen, wins!)

Here are the rules in their full epic lenght. I wish you happy naming!

6 March 2015

Balloon Battle Part 3 - Results

Too bad I missed the battle this time. Instead I was battling a RL cold. Seems I have won at least there!

Nevertheless the third part of our tournament was another great success, so I've been told. So was the after-battle-party!

This time the tournament saw also a little modification: We introduced an altitude-limiter. I know, sounds complicated, but its basically just a invisible megaprim-platform to prevent balloons from rising too high.
The aim was more intense fights and preventing balloons to escape the battle by climbing out of sight. Both seemed to have worked very well.

The Winners of both round 1 and 2 were: Baroness DeSade and Ala - congratulations!

I hope to be back in the battle next Thursday though! Hope to see you all there!

4 March 2015

Coming Thursday: Balloon Battle - Part 3!

You always have that special friends you'd like to shoot with a big caliber gun? Invite them to our Battle Balloon Tournament! ;-) Thursday we will have the third round of our epic, sim-bursting (as in hitting the av-limit) fights!

The space-time coordinates are the same as always: New Shoregate, at 1 PM SLT. Meet you there!

1 March 2015

Starting Today: Steam X Hunt!

And you shouldn't miss it! I used my patented MiniaturizEX Raygun to shrink the Zephyr and make it a lovely room decoration!

Come and hunt it down at the Drow Science Mainstore!

The Steam X Hunt goes from today, March 1 till March 31, for more info tickle the official Blog: Steam X Blog