10 February 2015

New Release: Steampunk Mesh Biplane!

I think everyone, who knows me, knows how much I love biplanes. So it was just a matter of time really until I made an all new and shiny mesh Steampunk Biplane!

Designed in the spirit of classical World-War-One fighter planes, like the Sopwith Camel and the Nieuport 17, the biplane (officially designated D.I, for Doppeldecker 1, hinting there might be more to come) embodies everything I like on these machines. It is elegant, lightweight, nimble and doesn't bothers the pilot with too many instruments. It's flying in the purest sense: requiring skill as a pilot, not knowledge.

As it is standard for my new airplanes and -ships, the Steampunk Biplane has a camera HUD, which also informs you about the current speed, altitude and position. It also is equipped with the low-lag TCS combat system.

I also paid a lot of attention to optimize the airplane to make it as ressource-friendly as possible. Which results again in a surprisingly low land impact (16!), without doing compromises on its great look. You hardly find a better plane for sim-crossing!

Oh and I'm also having a blast with hunting air kraken with it. Works very well with the freebie-guns available at the landing-area at New Shoregate!

Curious? Check it out at the Drow Science Mainstore and at the Marketplace!

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