5 February 2015

Professor Wickentower's Airship Workshop

The name tells it already: beautiful and sunny New Shoregate got a new addition! The Professor has set up his Workshop at the North-Eastern corner of the city - just where the factory was (we might have been forced to blow it up to clear the space!).

This is where the Professor feels really at home: blueprints, tools and the grime of years of airship-building.

Did someone say mad scientist?

Hardbottle, the erhmm... charming Watchman.

Robots working, human watching!

Spare-parts waiting for their use

The Professor musing in his office after a long and hard day.

The charme of bricks - the Airship Workshop seen from outside.

Feel for exploring the place? Here is your ticket, just don't wake up the Professor, if you see him!

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