11 February 2015

Name The Street!

As you might have noticed, New Shoregate has quite everything a decent, zombie-infested steampunk city needs: zombies, a tram, airships, stores, a workshop... you get the idea.

But what New Shoregate is still missing is: Street names! This has to change, don't you think?

For this reason, we are asking YOU to send us your ideas how to name the streets - and you can win cool prizes!

Every idea, which makes it into a official name, will be rewarded with a gift! Either from Drow Science or Prof. Wickentower's Airship Workshop - yay! As rule of thumb: the more important the place, the bigger the prize!

How does it work? Very simple: The map below features numbers from 1 to 9. The first seven are streets which want to be named, number 8 and 9 are the cemetery, respectively the swamp with the sunken fair grounds.

All you have to do is send a notecard with your name and your ideas to Somehow Peccable before March 12. The filename should be something like this:

((Insert your name here)) New Shoregate Name Contest

With its content in this way:

1. Somehowroad
2. Somehowstreet
3. Somehowalley
4 ...

The winners will be announced soon after March 12.
You don't have a name for all numbers? No problem - the list doesn't has to be complete, you can win regardless how many name proposals you send.

We are looking forward your ideas!

New Shoregate City Council

P.S. The street signs are donated by the lovely Misty Payne from the sim Tempelhof. Definitely a place  worth to explore (hint, hint!)

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