27 October 2014

New Airship: Air Pirate Zeppelin!

While the scripting of the Prometheus was affected by RL schedules, I finished in the meanwhile the Air Pirate Zeppelin, the big brother of the miniature version I made for the Sinister Steampunk Hunt.

Steampunk Air Pirate Zeppelin!

It doesn't only looks stunning (thanks to materials effects), it is also very easy to fly, has a very reasonable prim-count and offers plenty of positions for Avatars. Take a look at the samples - the model is my lovely Emma Sunshine:

You can find the Air Pirate Zeppelin at the Marketplace or in my in-world store. I also have it on life-size-display at Mieville Twain.

And since Halloween is coming very soon, I also made a "Flying Dutchman" Mini:

Boo! Scary! A flying Dutchman Airship!

Cute, isn' it? Here is the Marketplace-link: Halloween Mini Zeppelin.

Happy Halloween! And I hope to have soon good news about the release of a certain other pretty large project. Fingers crossed that RL cooperates!


I like Halloween Mini Zeppelin so much that I made a full-size version of it too - scary thing!

Ghost Pirate Zeppelin!

And here is the link to it!

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