3 October 2014

New Date For The Sinister Steampunk Hunt: Saturday October 4!

Good news! Emedea sent a message today to the hunt merchants: The hunt can take off just as planned. With a short delay though: The hunt will start on October 4, at 8 am SL time. We also got the kit with the hunt-items and I did set up everything for the big day when the daring gift-hunters come!

Starting the hunt at a weekend is actually a pretty good idea. There are much more people online than weekdays, so what sounded like bad fortune first, might actually lead to a pretty glorious start. For further infos, just hit this sign at my store (the Sinister Steampunk Hunt-blog hasn't been updated yet)

Yes - its happening! Start: Saturday October 4!

Speaking of a glorious start: The building of the new air pirate zeppelin is now to about 90% finished. Just some fun bomb dropping features missing yet and the obligatory test-runs. It should be finished shortly and be ready to conquer the skies!

Air Pirates over Flotsam!

It already had its maiden-flight over Blake Sea, including visits at Hollywood Airport, Honah Lee, Flotsam and Crow's Nest, before landing at the New Horizons Airport. It was a perfectly smooth ride. Very pleasing, despite its massive size: its over 64 meters long! Land-impact wise the ship will be in the 50 Li region, which is a amazing number for such a huge build.

Captain Some!

Floating majestically over the rooftops.

Even the evil zombie-pirates nearby were pretty envious !

Oh and on that note: News about the Prometheus-Class! We will finish the scripting very soon (I know, I said this before, but real-life can delay things even for us ;-) ) and plan the release-date to be coming week!

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