1 October 2014

No Hunt? No Panic!

It seems there are some issues with the Sinister Steampunk Hunt which is scheduled to start today. So far the merchants (including me) didn't receive the hunt items, nor any further note about a delay. Actually there wasn't any note after we got the merchants kit in mid-September. And it appears that the hunt's organizer, Emedea Morgenstern, didn't login since.

Lets hope the reason for this silence is something as trivial as a broken computer. Of course you always wonder (and worry, to be honest) when something like this happens. There is always a person behind the avatar.

Things like this are sadly beyond our control, but I don't want that my customers are affected by it. So I decided to keep up the advertisement for the hunt and put the gift out anyway. The hint where to find the gift is above the Sinister Steampunk Hunt sign, which looks like:

Sinister Steampunk Hunt Sign

My hunt gift: the Drow Science Air Pirate Zeppelin!

Drow Science Mainstore
Drow Science on the SL Marketplace
Sinister Steampunk Hunt 4 Blog

Happy gift hunting and fingers crossed that Emedea is doing well!

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