21 December 2012

The End of The World - Or Just A Badly Dressed Guy?

Its December 21st and surely everyone wonders what might happen on this date. Will the world end? And if it does: How will it happen?
I have exclusive - and pretty shocking - footage from the Japanese capitol Tokyo showing us that the end is currently happening!!!

Taffzilla rampaging in Tokyo!

Oooh wait... thats actually Taffy!
If you wonder what happened to this poor fella: it might be that this outfit went somehow into his #RLV folder and somehow got attached in some way...

Building the city skyline around him was a pretty simple but fun copy-and-paste job. And the results are really fabulous.

Taffzilla in daylight. Please note the slippers!

I think he was stepping on an investment banker or two.

Coming soon: Taffzilla in widescreen!

Approaching his role with the seriousness it deserves, Taffzilla spent lots of time rehearsing with the instructional videos of his idols:

Click me!

and me!

From all the world-end-scenarios the uprise of Taffzilla is the one I would definitely prefer. I'm sure however that the Mayas simply ran out of paper when writing down their calendar ;-)

I wish every Drow, Human and whatever else a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

8 December 2012

The Great And Seedy Zindra Bike Tour - Part 12

Perhaps I should change the name to Pony-Tour, since lately I definitely prefer the happy clip-clop of pony-hooves the deep growling of a bike engine. And this even despite not liking real horses at all!
Pony-girls are just much more pleasant: sexy, less smelly, shiny latex-covered curves, a nice amount of straps and buckles to manipulate and they are certainly more clever than every horse I have met!

After having the role of the pony last time, this episode sees me in the drivers seat again with Emma and Luvia pulling.



As usual the tour continues where we stopped last time and after a short cross-country intermezzo I spotted something which was either bad building or massive soil erosion:

If you are not sure if you are in RL or SL: views like this should help you tell.

Once you made it inside though it looks not that terrible. The ponies did wait nicely outside of course.

Purple pony! Taffy joins in.

 The cart has of course room for several passengers:

Always a little scary to see an adjacent sim disappearing. Let's hope no drows or ponies were on it as it went down.

We didn't came far as Tony (Taffy + Pony = Tony) had a little issue we had to fix on the road. He needed a bigger plug for his tail:

"Let Dr. Some have a look..."

"Don't squirm so much, Tony!"

On the road! Emma and Luvia pulling proudly.

Unlike most of the mainland areas in SL this part of Zindra looks quite acceptable if not stylish.

It really wasnt a monotonous ride. There was even a monorail!

And so many photo opportunities.

Which are good for so many different angles.

Smile for the camera, Tony!

Now this store ad looks ace, or ass?

The secret of good photography is finding interesting perspectives.

This looks quite like the Mall in Washington D.C.

I also picked up a passenger.

Lovely designed landscape. You won't notice its actually the seedy Zindra-continent...

If there weren't a reminder here and there ;-)

One last photo of our three happy ponies!

Quite extensive post this time as the tour was really pleasant and fun! The Route this time did lead straight from Raelma to Wenderley, where I found a parcel where I can rezz a cart for continiuing the ride. The route is really worth taking a look!

3 December 2012

Switching Aftermath

Going through my snapshots-folder I found to my delight that I have taken more pictures during switching than I was aware of.

The following selection gives a nice overview about the activities of the recent (almost) 2 weeks of my holiday:

Some on all 4s: Petplay had a prominent role.

At Dark Wishes: Emma even made mittens for me :-)

Part of petplay is of course extensive cuddeling. Well for us at least.

I was a very happy pet!

We also had our share of exploring. Here with a Zeppelin at the shores of Bay City. If you look close you can see me falling off from the ship in lag!

Two stranded aviators, or: how really tough and serious D/s looks like.

Another nice activity: Posh dancing at The Rose Theater, one of SL's finest concert venues.

It is important for me to point out that for me BDSM and especially D/s isnt something to happen only in dark dungeons or bedrooms. Its a lifestyle and mindset. Something which simply happens and is present at any time and any place. Trust plays a big role. And of course empathy.