3 December 2012

Switching Aftermath

Going through my snapshots-folder I found to my delight that I have taken more pictures during switching than I was aware of.

The following selection gives a nice overview about the activities of the recent (almost) 2 weeks of my holiday:

Some on all 4s: Petplay had a prominent role.

At Dark Wishes: Emma even made mittens for me :-)

Part of petplay is of course extensive cuddeling. Well for us at least.

I was a very happy pet!

We also had our share of exploring. Here with a Zeppelin at the shores of Bay City. If you look close you can see me falling off from the ship in lag!

Two stranded aviators, or: how really tough and serious D/s looks like.

Another nice activity: Posh dancing at The Rose Theater, one of SL's finest concert venues.

It is important for me to point out that for me BDSM and especially D/s isnt something to happen only in dark dungeons or bedrooms. Its a lifestyle and mindset. Something which simply happens and is present at any time and any place. Trust plays a big role. And of course empathy.

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