26 November 2012

The Great And Seedy Zindra Bike Tour - Part 11

After working on my planes quite intensively over the last weeks it's been time for some holiday again, well Some-holiday ;-) And holiday for me means usually switching for a while. So I gave myself in the kind but firm hands of my lovely sub and partner Emma and things went slightly - pony...

*totally agrees to the sign on the cart*

The tour continued where I stopped last time. Again in latex, seems to be a returning theme for me.

Yes, I know: authentic pony bridle missing..

Not far from our starting location we found a japanese-themed place.

They are never complete without pagoda ;-)

Alas, the place was pretty empty; and I don't mean zen-minimalism. Perhaps it wasn't finished yet.
A few meters further we discovered a castle:

Since the castles all look quite the same I made some pictures of Mistress Sunshine and me instead.

Orders a "Pony Walker Red Label"

"I'm not compensating."

I could also prove that the pony cart does well off road, maybe not perfectly though.

Back on the road we discovered an abandoned doll factory. The three letter-word-sign at the entrance gave us also a slight hint of what to expect (RLV, not the other word!)

After passing several entrance tunnels through my skillful handling of the ponycart we made it inside...

...just to get grabbed by devices of varying evilness.

It was quite fun and definitely something different to the usual trap places.

Too bad our excursion into the factory went so fast. I would really have liked more of these little mean traps. Anyway, later on I got a suiting head harness and Mistress Sunshine could convince our friend Taffy to - volunteer:

Ok, I admit the tag "bike tour" is a bit misleading *shrugs and pulls her cart*

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