8 November 2012

New Plane Released + Major Overhaul: Less Land Impact, Better Textures and More Details!

I have been quite busy these days. For one thing I have released a new plane. A real WW1 classic. The Nieuport 17:

A sleek beauty: The Nieuport 17.

Being the successor of the Nieuport 11, the Nieuport 17 shared its light weight and agility, but was better armed and had a stronger engine.

It was very popular amongst its pilots. Famous Aces like Albert Ball, Georges Guynemer, Charles Nungesser, Billy Bishop and Raoul Lufberry scored many victories flying the Nieuport 17.

The Nieuport also marks a new phase in building for me. Using the latest land impact features I am now able to add much more details on my creations as ever before - whilst saving a significant amount of prims!

Of course I used these new possibilites on my already existing range of WW1 planes as well. Every machine was thoroughly updated and is amazingly close to its RL originals!

The Fokker Dr.1 in the colours of Manfed von Richthofen, the Red Baron

Fast, sturdy and very popular amongst british pilots: The S.E.5a.

A Masterpiece: The Fokker D.VII - the best fighter plane of the war.

The Backbone of the German Luftstreikräfte (Air Force): The Albatros D.Va...

...which was - painted blood red - used by Manfred von Richthofen in the summer of 1917.

The Sopwith Camel. The most successful fighter of the war.

As usual every airplane is available at my Marketplace store. For the next time I plan to release another batch of WW1 planes as well as an overhaul of the rest of my fleet. Stay tuned for more news :-)

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