29 March 2013

Steampunk World Expo: Competitions & Prizes

The Festival is getting nearer fast! And its a fine opportunity to get rid of some excess holiday-calories (these chocolate easter eggs are highly addictive, aren't they?) with attending at thrilling competitions!

There are lots of prizes at every event - don't miss them! :-)

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27 March 2013

Just A Short Notice About LL Incompetence...

Its been several weeks now since a bug occoured causing vehicles to crash when crossing sims. Blake Sea is almost wiped empty and LL still hasn't released a fix - great job...

Here is a short description of the bug by Andrew Linden. As mentioned above despite the thread-title the bugfix wasn't deployed yet.

I can't say I am pleased. Professionalism is spelled differently.

More Inventors, More Days - More Steampunk @The World Expo ;-)

Its going 11 days now! And on every day another artists is featuring his/her creations. Thats quite an aggregation of skill and creativity I'd say ;-) I am really looking forward it!

Here is the timetable of the Builders-days:

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20 March 2013

A Living, Breathing Steampunk Metropolis - New Babbage Part 1 - Wheatstone Waterways

Its been a while since I visited New Babbage the last time. And it seems I didn't spend the attention it deserves on it. The ten (!) sims large City is truly a magnificent and exciting example of Steampunk design and architecture. Perhaps the best in SL at all. But see for yourself:

For a better overview and to really feature New Babbage in a way it deserves I decided to write a post on every single sim. Its simply too much to see for compressing it all into one or two blog posts ;-)

I started my exploration on the southeastern corner of the city, the Wheatstone Waterways. The canals crossing it give the place a almost venetian-like appeal. Very interesting:

The Wheatstone Waterways: One of the dominating places of this district is the distinctive "fashion temple" (it just looks the part, doesn't it?) by Blakopal.

Cute detail: The Dancefloor on top of it has not the usual dance-balls, but couple-dance-gears!

New Babbage as seen on the World Map. Its not just an aggregation of sims. Every district has its distinctive role. From industrial areas to harbors, countryside and even open sea.

Your favorite Drow posing at the southwestern corner of the city. Yes, I'm not wearing Steampunk attire this time ;-)

Directions, a greeter-bunny and a lovely steampunkomized Emma!

Just the right vehicle for a steampunk city: my da Vinci Helicopter!

The canals are not only a very practical way of transportation - they look lovely too!

A lesson in cinematography: Shot and...

...reverse shot!

I'm sure its intended: This red chimney make this plaza looking very like venice!

Bricks! After brass, coal and wood another essential component for Steampunk architecture.

How nice! A landing pad!

Don't tell me you don't know the original!

A Zeppelin-hangar!

And a pretty big one too!

Drow-style posing!

Having a cup of hot, "steaming" tea ;-)

For some background information I recommend you to check out the official Website of the city. Its very well made.

I also noticed with pleasure that city has a very active community (no surprise looking at the amount of work which was put into it!), with various RP-factions, festivals, classes and regular events. Sadly most events are happening on too late times for Europeans like me. The weekends are looking better though with activities held at euro-friendly times :-)

More coming next time. I will most likely head east to the Babbage Canals and then to the Vernian Sea!

18 March 2013

Steampunk World's Expo - Timetable released!

Seems its going to be a fun week :-) Cynhtleen just released the schedule for the Steampunk Expo and its packed with cool activities and top entertainers!

The presentation of my newly updated Aircraft Carrier Prometheus will be held on April 6, at 1 PM.

Source: Lancastert Ltd.-Blog (Cyhtleen's Homepage)

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17 March 2013

Evil Easter Cuteness: Easter Basket Gag!

I know: On the first glance easter has not really much to do with BDSM - but its all a matter of perspective. And this cute little gag takes bondage from a lighthearted and fun side!

The Easter Basket Gag has everything you know from the other Sunshine Technology products. Thoroughly tested low-lag scripts with an intuitive menu, colour changing options, full RLV functionality, time-lock and great looks!

But thats not all: The Basket Gag also features a fun and unique Egg-Lock option. If this feature is enabled, the Gag only unlocks after all eggs are taken from the basket. Of course the sub can't take the eggs by her/himself - a fun starting point for some evil RP-ideas ;-)

The Gag's feature include:

  • Egg Lock: Give away Eggs to get Free!
  • TimeLock (Public and Wearer Only modes)
  • Colour and Shine Menu to customise the look
  • Keyholder system (Leave the keys without unlocking the Gag)
  • Low lag scripts
  • Garbler (with selectable levels)
  • Opening and Closing Padlocks
  • Super cute for Easter!
  • RLV Features (requires compatible viewer) 
  • Locking (No detach)
  • Chat redirection to Garbler (No need to type /3 for the garble function!).

You can find the Basket Gag at the Sunshine Technology Inworld Store or at the Marketplace.

16 March 2013

Steampunk World's Expo: 2nd - 7th April!

I am happy to announce that your favorite Drow will take part on the first Steampunk World's Expo! The event is hosted by my friend Cyhtleen Earhart and her partner Debbie on their sim Soigne!

There is hardly a place more suiting for a Steampunk Expo. A spectacular, tasteful and lovely whimsical location!

Cyht has planned a lot for the expo and best I let her tell it in her own words:

"Our goal is more Steampunk, more action, less music and less readings,
and i think we will archive that.

So what will happen at this Expo:
  • see a demonstrations what the best SL Steampunk builders/inventors/engineer are able to do at our demo field
  • air kraken hunt's
  • shows your skills at flying an airship through a course
  • shows your skills at a whacky races, yes we don't just offer you to race on an course, nooo be mean to you competitors !
  • show your skills at airship dogfights
  • a raffle, everyone wins and be prepared for big prizes, and we are not talking 500 lindens!
  • a grammophone session with a scary story oh H.P. Lovecraft read for us from Satu Moreau
  • a fashion show
  • Steampunk Comedy Escarius Luga
  • a great Market, with not only small stand, with 8 shops and stands too
  • Some great DJ will rock you !! Goat Ebagge, Touche, Nymlet and Rinha
  • of course its Steampunk and Jordan Reyne will be there !!!!
  • Russel Eponym and DD will be there too
  • and all in an true and only countryside steampunk sim
and much more to be announced !!!!!"

I am looking forward lots to the event and of course I have a few new creations - besides a overhauled Aircraft Carrier Prometheus - which will be featured there :-)

More info coming soon!

Lancastert Ltd.-Blog (Cyhtleen's Homepage)

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8 March 2013

Last Day of The Festival of Steam - Massive Aerial Combat Reported!

It was a truly exciting final day of the festival. A big crowd has gathered before the cathedral of Cologne, listening to a show by Michi Renoir and became witness of the most exciting dogfight ever happen at virtual cologne!

Zaphod Enoch, organizer of the festival of steam took some  photographs as evidence for these astounding events:

The famous cathedral seeing some dense air-traffic over the heads of the spectators.

A Steampunk Triplane getting chased by an aggressively flying biplane Mk2.

The all-metal biplane closes in - ready for the kill.

A Steampunk Fighter Prototype - a unique pusher design rushes to rescue the Triplane.

After a heated chase - the Triplane got away barely - the Prototype intercepts its opponent and opens fire.

How did the fight turn out? A pity you weren't around to see it end ;-)

Perhaps you are more lucky next time we take the skies.  It was my first time we did an airshow - but was certainly not the last! I am really excited now doing more airshows like that. They are great fun and really something different from the usual performances.

Also a big thank you to my daredevil pilots Luvia and Emma - you did great, girls!

3 March 2013

Impressions from the Festival of Steam

Steampunk everywhere! The Festival is in full flight now, stuffed with exhibitions and events - some great artists are represented here!

A Time Machine! I remember the film after H. G. Wells novel as one of my earliest encounters with Steampunk - even if I had no idea about that term back then.

If you don't know what it is but it looks cool: call it art!

I guess this is the Nikola Tesla memorial garden - fabulous!

There are a few golden rules about creating Steampunk machines. An important one is: It doesn't needs to fulfill any purpose as long as it moves, rattles, steams, buzzes, blinks and has lots of gears!

Now thats a cool steam locomotive!

War of the Worlds? At least it looks a lot like a Martian war machine.

Bryn Oh has her own exhibit stage featuring an alien world at the SL Planetarium.

As much as it fits to the exhibit, this telescope is a regular exhibit at the Planetarium.

Making Emma an offer she can't refules at vendor at the Steampunk Marketplace.

I really love these electro-installations!


Steamy! The racetrack for the Steampunk-vehicle race on March 6th.

Here is your ticket to the Festival. Plan to spend some time there and watch out for dropping jaws ;-)

2 March 2013

The Festival of Steam Has Started!

And we were building and scripting on our exhibition till the very last minute! ;-)

But the results are really really pleasing me. We got a nice chunk of land next to the cathedral of Cologne and plenty of free prims for rezzing my Airship Prometheus as well as my fleet of Airplanes - but best look for yourself:

The mighty Prometheus hovering next to the Cathedral of Cologne in the sunset.

Another angle - same motiv. Please note the subtle Drow Science-Sign ;-)

Automatical extending landing strip! Besides that useful gadget Emma also scripted one of my Da Vinci Helicopters as taxi to transport visitors up to the ship.

My Monoplane waiting for me to take it for a ride while the Heli-Taxi automatically closes in for a landing.

Try to count them ;-) I am quite amazed that I made so many!

To my shame I have to admit that I haven't seen much of the festival except my own stuff. But since everything is set up and works fine I can enjoy the relaxing part of the event and just explore and have a good time. See you there!

Festival of Steam Blog (German)