16 March 2013

Steampunk World's Expo: 2nd - 7th April!

I am happy to announce that your favorite Drow will take part on the first Steampunk World's Expo! The event is hosted by my friend Cyhtleen Earhart and her partner Debbie on their sim Soigne!

There is hardly a place more suiting for a Steampunk Expo. A spectacular, tasteful and lovely whimsical location!

Cyht has planned a lot for the expo and best I let her tell it in her own words:

"Our goal is more Steampunk, more action, less music and less readings,
and i think we will archive that.

So what will happen at this Expo:
  • see a demonstrations what the best SL Steampunk builders/inventors/engineer are able to do at our demo field
  • air kraken hunt's
  • shows your skills at flying an airship through a course
  • shows your skills at a whacky races, yes we don't just offer you to race on an course, nooo be mean to you competitors !
  • show your skills at airship dogfights
  • a raffle, everyone wins and be prepared for big prizes, and we are not talking 500 lindens!
  • a grammophone session with a scary story oh H.P. Lovecraft read for us from Satu Moreau
  • a fashion show
  • Steampunk Comedy Escarius Luga
  • a great Market, with not only small stand, with 8 shops and stands too
  • Some great DJ will rock you !! Goat Ebagge, Touche, Nymlet and Rinha
  • of course its Steampunk and Jordan Reyne will be there !!!!
  • Russel Eponym and DD will be there too
  • and all in an true and only countryside steampunk sim
and much more to be announced !!!!!"

I am looking forward lots to the event and of course I have a few new creations - besides a overhauled Aircraft Carrier Prometheus - which will be featured there :-)

More info coming soon!

Lancastert Ltd.-Blog (Cyhtleen's Homepage)

Lancaster Castle

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