2 March 2013

The Festival of Steam Has Started!

And we were building and scripting on our exhibition till the very last minute! ;-)

But the results are really really pleasing me. We got a nice chunk of land next to the cathedral of Cologne and plenty of free prims for rezzing my Airship Prometheus as well as my fleet of Airplanes - but best look for yourself:

The mighty Prometheus hovering next to the Cathedral of Cologne in the sunset.

Another angle - same motiv. Please note the subtle Drow Science-Sign ;-)

Automatical extending landing strip! Besides that useful gadget Emma also scripted one of my Da Vinci Helicopters as taxi to transport visitors up to the ship.

My Monoplane waiting for me to take it for a ride while the Heli-Taxi automatically closes in for a landing.

Try to count them ;-) I am quite amazed that I made so many!

To my shame I have to admit that I haven't seen much of the festival except my own stuff. But since everything is set up and works fine I can enjoy the relaxing part of the event and just explore and have a good time. See you there!

Festival of Steam Blog (German)


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