8 March 2013

Last Day of The Festival of Steam - Massive Aerial Combat Reported!

It was a truly exciting final day of the festival. A big crowd has gathered before the cathedral of Cologne, listening to a show by Michi Renoir and became witness of the most exciting dogfight ever happen at virtual cologne!

Zaphod Enoch, organizer of the festival of steam took some  photographs as evidence for these astounding events:

The famous cathedral seeing some dense air-traffic over the heads of the spectators.

A Steampunk Triplane getting chased by an aggressively flying biplane Mk2.

The all-metal biplane closes in - ready for the kill.

A Steampunk Fighter Prototype - a unique pusher design rushes to rescue the Triplane.

After a heated chase - the Triplane got away barely - the Prototype intercepts its opponent and opens fire.

How did the fight turn out? A pity you weren't around to see it end ;-)

Perhaps you are more lucky next time we take the skies.  It was my first time we did an airshow - but was certainly not the last! I am really excited now doing more airshows like that. They are great fun and really something different from the usual performances.

Also a big thank you to my daredevil pilots Luvia and Emma - you did great, girls!

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