14 May 2011

OMG: 1250+ Hits already!!! THANK YOU!!! :-)

Looking at the site-stats of my blog did pretty much surprise me: The Drow Diary got its 1000th hit! Acutally it has more than 1250 already, but I did look it up too late :-)

I think this is worth a little celebration and a BIG THANK YOU to my kind readers :-)

Since the stats on Blogger.com are rather extensive I also can provide you some - hopefully interesting - figures & trivia about my site in general:

  • So far I have published 48 posts (counting this one of course).

  • The highest number of hits is 89 and is dating from May 5th, featuring the G.O.B. Boardgaming Lounge.

  • The most visits (477) were from the USA, 208 were from my home-country Germany, which earns 2nd place. Third is the UK with 136 hits. I also got visits from India, Australia, Iceland, Japan and Singapore!

  • Google.com did linked my page 83 times in its search results.

Search terms leading to my site (besides others):

  • "Drow Diary"
  • "Life is not like facebook" (I agree, Facebook is worse)
  • "Drow swear words" (thanks Nepal for this one^^)
  • "Visit for power plant"
  • "Drowspace" (the drow-version of Myspace)
  • "Filthy little hos" (no, I'm not kidding!)
  • "Stonehaven" (too late though)
  • "Nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere"

I also noticed with pleasure that there is a number of nuclear-power related searches leading to my blog. It's really good to see my writing finds such well response - the topic is serious enough too. In the future I plan to dig a bit deeper (hey, I'm a Drow!) in that direction and feature some green-energy projects which can be found in Second Life.

Oh, and there are also some cool titles available in my group Mad Drow Science. So far you can choose between:

  • Mad Scientist
  • Air Pirate!
  • Incursive Explorer
  • Insane Stunt Pilot
  • Lab Subject

I still have some slots for new roles free, so if you have a cool title in mind, just call me! :-)

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