4 April 2011

Good Bye Stonehaven!

For many it was the first place where they had their BDSM-experiences in Second Life: Stonehaven. Stonehaven Castle, the Cageroom, the Patio... and not to forget the one or another Prison up there.

Now it's history. Stonehaven is gone. Its owner, Dirk Massiel explained the reason for this decision extensively in his Blog. Well I don't want to stir too much up but in fact Stonehaven was pretty empty in the recent couple of months, or, lets say for about a year already. I dont want to speculate about the reason why such a originally pretty vivid community could decline that dramatically though.

Anyway: I liked that place - no surprise: I made my first RLV-experiences there, got poor innocent subs into trouble, got into trouble by mself and had quite the time to study the Castles cell architecture extensively. In the recent time however my visits there became less and less. Primary though by personal reasons which had nothing to do with Stonehaven. But obviously I was not the only one, who became a rare guest there.
Now Dirk decided to make facts. Stonehaven is gone - at least for Second Life. He decided to open a new version of it though on OSGrid. I guess future will tell what will be with it. If it will be the vivid community again as it was on Second Life or if it will be rather a museum reminding on better times.

Only hours before the sim got abandoned and finally shut down I used the opportunity to say good bye and to take some pictures. I even took some mourning clothes on. Let's celebrate a last look on Stonehaven and remember the good old times there:

Taking a last look at the Castle's cells: Memories, memories...

 Mean simplicity.

Drows love music - didn't you know?

Hell - that was a funny one! Too bad I didn't took photos last time I used it.

You better don't get your head in there but the view for the people passing by was great...

After some days in the cells I loved this view.

A last chat at the Patio.

Do I need you to tell that was the cageroom?

New visitors always got a "warm" welcome here

Its not a space-ship bridge: its the prison. It was - I think - the last addition to Stonehaven. I liked the old one - which was more traditional - better. I guess I'm simply a bars and chains person.

 The Prison's laboratory.

Some kind of... Greenhouse. Beware: they bite! (besides other things)

A last look at what Stonehaven was for me: Cageroom and Castle

and pictures!

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  1. It's hard to believe SH is closed for a year now. SH always impressed me with the number of gracious guests, and people who were better at role play with less need for pose balls. I've not found a similar sim since.