29 April 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 10

Today saw the exploration of the northeastern part of Nautilus City before I headed down to the south to continue my journey outside the city walls. So far Nautilus is one of the more interesting and spectacular parts of the mainland. Despite its rather small size. The always present Atlantis-inspired theme makes it a really nice attraction,

Magon - Lighthouse-technology to its extreme

Nautilus - Malchus - besides several massive buildings the capitol also offers a selection of pretty decent rentals with picturesque gardens...

...and houses. Really beautiful!

Nautilus - Hamilcar - cypresses seem to be one of the predominant trees on Nautilus.

Nautilus - Suniaton - Outside the quiet nicely eroded city walls

Nautilus - Hanno - this peculiar looking... object seems to be one of the pity human attempts to create a cave. No match to what Drows can do!



Hrmm.... just a store. At least they have some freebies here

Cafe My House - Cuuuuute!

Nautilus - Yamm - They are pretty consequent with their maritime approach here.

Quite cool globe - but 32 prims!

Another great example of genuine Nautean art.

The Wizard's-tower seems to be indeed pretty popular.

Nautilus - Shalim - Freebies! After the hovertexts on these amphora got my attention I found out the whole place is a freebie store!
Simply right-click every amphora or box or crate you can find and select "Buy" to get the items for free. Seems you can rebuild the whole Nautilus City with them: Textures (pretty handy), houses (pretty cool), clothes (pretty... proper), building parts (pretty huge), plants and crystals (pretty decorative)... a quite impressive collection!

Today I left the Nautilus City after inspecting the northeastern quarter (aka Malchus) and headed further to the west towards the harbor and perhaps to another opportunity to fly!.

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