2 April 2011

Second Life Bike Tour - Reloaded! XV

Today marks the last day of my Bike Tour through Sansara. It was quite the epic journey - I actually haven't expected it to take that long - neither that my series on this Blog will go into its 16th part. Pretty amazing...
 I'm glad I've made this tour. It was a lot of fun and I met some new friends as well. I felt really like an explorer traveling through a strange but beautiful land.
My journey however isn't really over. There other continents (and archipelagos) waiting for me to be discovered. Not speaking of the many many Sims spread all over the gird. Let's call it rather a break before I head into my next adventure. I hope you will be with me then too :-)

But first some photos of my last stage: Westward through Bay City with some breaks for exploring whats left and right, finding a few curiosities (and plenty of crash-opportunities):

Bay City - Rollers - some people might find these lop ears cute but... being a Drow its rather irritating for me...

A memorial for the tsunami victims. Isn't it interesting how fast things went back to normal for us? Well... the people in Japan do still suffer: Perhaps 20,000 died and the radiation released by that nuclear plant is now worse than ever before. It may be over for the media - but it certainly isnt over for the Japanese people.

In German we would call such glamorous theaters "Filmpalast".

I just decided tonights movie will be Easy Rider

Hau Koda - Its hard to believe but this shapeless piece of asphalt is actually the runway of the glorious Bay City Municipal Airport. We have seen more stylish ones - haven't we?

More representative: the front of the airport-building. It's also an Infohub and one of the stylish ones. A great place for dying in lag before a bunch of newbies if you try to fly a plane there!

It ends where it started: at the Truro Airship Terminal. I departed from here more than two weeks ago.

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