16 April 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 5

Seeing the airport on the main map yesterday was much easier than actually finding it in-world. But often when you have to do a little fiddeling where things could be you find quite interesting places along the way. Like the area around Toroge and Croix...

Toroge - Chez Kelso - lets write some kind words into the guest book.

  I can't really say why but my Drow-instincts tell me there must be an airport not far away.

Toroge - Dabici Mossy Stones - nice picturesque village isnt it?

Croix - definitive signs of airport presence!

What a beautiful spot here! It's creator called it The Cocoon.

How lovely. Sometimes these humans can create quite the paradise.

St Diabloux - there it is: SLPG Prague! 

Hehe - they know what pilots like!

Some enlightening tutorials: Of course Lag gets two sections.

Since my friend RudyB (B is for Barbarossa as he told me a bit later) showed interest in accompanying me on my tours I invited him to participate on the aviation-part I did today. I bet he had no idea what was going to await him...

RudyB: A new vict- erhmm... volunteer for flying with me!

Imagine me making silly engine sounds now *vroooooom!!*

OMG - I hope they never will request understanding this... "thing" for flying here...

Not bad already - but sadly it has no wings...

Getting ready for take-off. I even put goggles on!

Taking the skies!

Of course it didnt lasted long. Somehow I got stuck in a sim-cross - perhaps the worst thing to happen when flying in Second Life. If you reach the edge of a sim its possible that you get stuck between four different sims. Not really a nice feeling... but luckily some land was near. It was even the Barbarossa Infohub. How fitting!

Barbarossa Infohub - He must be somewhere out there...

Finally I found him - just to crash again...

Pretty smooth this time. No-one got ejected 5 sims away or something. And there is even a decent underwater flora!

Annoying aviatrix ahead! The 3rd try to fly was the most successful one. I even had the opportunity to take photos...

...even if its really not recommended during flight.

I don't really know where I took this photo but it must be the same house as above...

Taking this photo made me crash into the sea - but it looks good - doesn't it?

Cut Water - relaxing at the end of the current stage. Oh, btw: my passenger was just recovering from the trip (relogging) at the time I made my photo.

Today's route was pretty epic. Despite the crashes and a nearly drowned passenger. As usually the dotted line only shows the rough reconstruction of my route. I remember some landmarks here and there and some flight corridors. But its not 100% accurate - and I don't really mind it ;-)

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