11 April 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 3

Today's stage led me further and further into the north of Satori. Quite unspectacular first (countless shops and stores and stores and shops...) I eventually found some quite interesting roadside-gems.

Dorje - pretty gorgeous little house, hm?

I think Mr. Escher did build this one.

Dorje - a railway station: The basic prim on the tracks seems to be an evidence there is some work in progress here.

After visiting the station I had to take a break where I had to fulfill some... commitment. A rather confining experience. Anyway, I guess you will get the idea when seeing me on the next pictures. But as long I have free hands to put them on the handle bar I will continue my journey!

Huineng - after miles of boring stores finally something rather delightful for the eye.

And they have even a swing!

It's strange: Sometimes you don't see any interesting place for ages and then you find them side to side like this art gallery just meters away:

Dine' Gallery Plaza - quite artistic already from outside.

A pulsing tentacle something. It MUST be art if you don't understand what it's good for.

A sculpture garden. Why does the movie Beetlejuice comes in my mind now?

Quite the alien chair.

Personally I like this painting- it looks so much like - iron bars... oh and its quite hypnotizing, isn't it?

I dont know what it is - but its colorful!

Cipactli - I made quite the miles so far. Btw: yes I am riding on the wrong side. And I do it with delight!

Zugspitze - Windsong Stables - a chat with the owner Stela Zanzibar. We had a very nice talk and she likes to ride too. Horses and bikes! Oh and she has a pretty cool club too...

...called Stela's Groove. It has a quite unique dancefloor: A fish tank! But don't worry. You wont get wet feet and the fishes really enjoy the tunes!

The current stage started at Granada and ended at Zinalrothorn. The yellow dot on the left shows it happened that I was on the same continent when writing this post - at a concert by Raven Kondor to be precise. Great singer and entertainer. I will write about him in one of my next posts.

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