5 April 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 2

I don't know why but I had some issues uploading the rest of the snapshota of my todays route. So I try to put them into a new post... 

Where did I got interrupted? Ah yes... that closed bridge: 

Who thought I wouldn't jump??

Fenric - The other side: A transport system! Bah thats ridiculous - where is the fun with jumping then?

This can happen when you stop for a short photo break...

Onatopp - Some and the Primstalk

Oddjob - hair standing on end - but I wasn't riding THAT fast!

 Satori has a comfortable amount of rezz zones btw.

Richfield, Junction with Road 8a: And roadsigns, yet even maps! Thats some high end travelling here.

Granada - its good to be able to take a break from touring without having to worry about finding a place where you can put your bike when you want to go on - yay!

Todays route followed Road 8 up towards the north of Satori from Bagheera to Granada. So far it was a quite classical biketour with no banlines or dead ends - but the journey will evenutally need some flying to other continents too. Actually I can hardly wait for that!

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