16 April 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 6

Today I had a rather unexpected encounter with my "natural enemy". Not what you think. No wood-elves this time or the highway police... but best you see for yourself. And no, its also not the whale!

Cut Water - I made a new friend!

He likes practical jokes though...
After I got myself dry again I went into the air. Strolling a bit around and making some intentionally close fly-by's at ships, buildings and palm-trees. So... business as usual.

St Martin - this one hadn't as much luck as I have.

Have I already said I'm in favor of a height limits for trees in Second Life?

  Me annoying lighthouse keepers

Honah Lee North - a nice inviting meadow. Just like made for landing!

The Red Baroness rules the skies over Blake Sea!

But after again taking off it didn't took long until a Sopwith Camel wanted a duel with me. Seems the red color is somewhat challenging. Of course my opponent made the same experience as Snoopy...

Got behind his tail!

After the Baroness was again victorious we even made a nice formation flight. Well until we hit a sim-wall. but that's not on the picture - luckily.

The hands-off-flying isn't bragging or something - just my sitting animation (but I have to admit I like how it looks).

Honah Lee Surf Airport: The Baroness meets her surviving victim and has a nice chat with him. The war is over for Ravik Defiant!

A nice cocktail to celebrate my victory.

Ok, the route of today does look a bit messed up, but its the closest estimation to where I have been I could do. The part on the eastern side of the map - where I started - are pretty accurate. For the left side however I give you no guarantee at all!

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