15 April 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 4

From my excursion into the realms of art and literature back to the - well - "plain" truth of Road 8 and the oddities where it leads me to. So much in advance: There was again an art gallery.

Diablerets - why not taking the bus for a change?
But since the bus-stop did teleport me anywhere just nowhere I liked to go the bike remained the best choice for me. I didn't needed to travel far anyway:

 Aztec Gallery No. 8 - haven't we seen this at Gibson already?

Hmmm... The left one? The right one? Both? Neither of them? Questions, questions...

The prices here are pretty self-confident. But OK - its art... even if that pyramid doesn't really looks like 500 L

What I like really best here is the fireplace!

St Maur - another castle. Thankfully not one of the most crude looking. In fact it looks quite interesting, doesn't it?

And it has a torture chamber too! But - alas - no dungeon...

Yes, it does look good from outside.

Mounford - an airport - too bad its a no-rezz zone. How can they dare?

Toroge - the far northeast of Satori. I think its time for some aviation now...

Today I reached a point I was looking for: Solid land runs out and fortunately there is an airport in the northeast for a smooth change to airplane at the next stage of my journey!

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