21 April 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 7

Today was time to make some use of my new plane. Starting at Honah Lee Field I did a lengthy tour through Blake Sea - a real great and pretty lag-free place for flying. Oh... and for sailing too!

Doing some low-level fly-bys.

Did I mention I like hunting Airships? This one almost escaped me!

Me and Camel chilling at Balboa Landing.

Balboa Key - I know its not for planes but this arrow was so invitingly glowing!

Point of Pines - a birdie island!

Madaket - what a wonderful little garden.

Me and Camel back at the Barbarossa Infohub.

One of the nice sides of my journeys is that you find interesting people. Often quite out of the blue like Pontiac Tempest (yes, people in Second Life have odd names - I'm glad I did choose a totally normal one). We talked a bit about building, scripting and exploring and being creative in Second Life. In fact I think its pretty misunderstood by "outsiders". Second Life is not like Facebook which mostly exists to spread gossip and to hop on short-lived trends. It needs some dedication and an open, creative mind. But the benefits are much more valuable too then. Its all about creating, interacting and broaden your horizon - its definitely more than "just a game".
Having a nice and pretty inspiring chat while my plane got auto-returned.

After that chat I headed to the pier to continue my flight back to the mainland. But... Infohubs are often pretty "slow" and it took me several attempts to rezz a plane there. But as it finally worked I got three!
Rezzing problems are rarely as entertaining as here. Especially when deleting the excess planes is at least as problematic as placing them there...

Back at the Mainland! I just touched ground at Nautilus.

Thats the kind of view you only find in Second Life: A dolphin temple...

Its a... well.. it is... uhmm.. it is... glowing.

A really interesting concept for a lighthouse.

Again I noticed that drawing a nice line along a road is way more easy than reconstructing my flight-path. And again: its a pretty close guessing even if it shortens some routes perhaps. The current stage led me from Honah Lee Field to the far northeast of Blake Sea and returning to the Mainland at Nautilus while passing through Hollywood Airport and Barbarossa - among others.

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