24 January 2015

New Shoregate just became a tad more - unsafe

As if zombies aren't enough, now the notorious air kraken have chosen New Shoregate as their residence too!

Of course I started my faithful Steampunk Monoplane at once to fight the threat:

Aaargh! Air-kraken at my six!

After intense fighting I was able to defeat these critters though - the sky over New Shoregate were safe again. Well, temporary at least - they have a terribly high reproduction rate!

A successful air-kraken hunter returns.

According to my experience, air kraken are extremely dangerous opponents. They are fast and quite persistant. They more than once tried to drag my aeroplane to the ground, so beware and watch the sky! Luckily they are vulnerable to physical bullets. If you can kill a zombie with your gun, then you have a chance against an air kraken too.

Happy hunting!

Here is your ticket to New Shoregate. Expect zombies, air-kraken and crazy flying drows.

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