28 April 2015

Byebye for Now, Dear New Shoregate

Actually I wanted to surprise you with great news about New Shoregate moving to a shared full sim (which would mean more prims, more traffic, more Avatars allowed at the same time) but as things sometimes go in SL, this seems rather unlikely now, due to reasons beyond my control.
I also have to announce that we are forced to close the Sim down today - hopefully just temporarily.

Land pricing in SL is just ridiculous for what you get and one of the reasons it never reached the mainstream, if you ask me. Sims come and go, often before their could reach their full potential due to too high rent costs - like New Shoregate and its predecessor.

This is pretty saddening, taking into account how much time and passion my friends Cyhtleen, the Prof and I put into the Sim to make it the beautiful place it was.

I hope this isn't the last thing you will hear about New Shoregate. I'd be certainly more than happy to recreate it in the (hopefully near) future. Actually Emma and I were busy to make a backup of the buildings I made for the Sim with the Scene-Rezzer-System she did develope. (Interesting fact: The bridges, houses and roads I made were less than 800 prims in total - now is that efficient or not?^^)

So New Shoregate isn't lost. Its essential parts are sleeping in my inventory, ready for their return. And when it comes back it will be better than ever before!

Lets celebrate New Shoregate's glory with this little gallery - I hope you enjoy it!

Apart from these rather unpleasant news, things are going great for me. Especially in RL. I was pretty busy in the recent weeks and didn't had much time to be active in SL or write in the Drow Diary. But it's the good busy!