30 July 2013

New Drow-Science Store Opened!

Another step to world-domination: Drow Science has opened an outpost at Lionheart rentals!

This store is currently number three together with the one at Raylins Airdrome at Specter and one at the WW2 combat sim New World.

The goal of its design is not only to offer a decent display for my creations but also to make a good looking addition to the sim itself. A conventional design was considered first but then I did just let go and went for something organic and light and - pretty transparent ;-)

Feel free to check it out - your taxi is waiting here. Oh and I recommend having a look at the rest of Lionheart too. It is a lovely place to live at!

28 July 2013

Star Trek Party @ Raven Park - Engage Fun!

Every two weeks Z&A Productions are having a themed costume parties - its always a great time there, no matter if its zombie apocalypse, Bladerunner, fantasy or - as it was this Saturday - the cult-series Star Trek!

Thank you Vila, Eve and Antony for starting this lovely tradition - SL is all about the people :-)

Btw. more cool pictures here!

18 July 2013

Summer Silliness!

Now this is one of the things I do when I should actually do something else :p

It's alive! And it wants your love!!!

Time for some mad science! On my daring experiments far outside the cozy and safe realms of the usual scientific research I was able to give life to... well yeah. A Voodoo Doll!!

Hug it or shoot it, up to you ;-)

Beware! It will hunt you forever - or till it found somebody else :p

For this cute little Voodoo Doll I combined several full perm freebies: Aley's Voodoo Doll, a stone-old "Free Hugs"-sign and a zombie script, so it actually takes damage when shot at ;-)

Feel free to distribute it as you like. Just don't take money for it.

Anyway, I am in the process of learning blender currently. So be patient about news and new releases. The new products will come and they will be better than anything else I did so far :-)

You can get it here and here!

4 July 2013

Seeking For New Holiday Destinations? Try This One!

Tired of the usual tourist-locations full of rude, drunken humans who mutate from pale to scarlet red on their first day? Perhaps an adventure holiday then - but not trivialities like to the Mt. Everest (overrun!), the jungle (bugged!) or to the Arctic Sea (simply friggin cold!). Do a journey you can proudly tell your grandchildren of - and their grandchildren even!

A Journey to the Center of the Earth!

Yay - Underground! Being a Drow I was of course excited about the destination!

Gigantic non-magic mushrooms!

At the center of the earth you find the ruins of ancient Atlantis - and some BIG trouble...

Aley did a lovely job again. The journey follows Jule Verne's original story rather loosely but its really fun to explore this set. A word though for the set-up. There is no documentation and to avoid a big mess, don't rezz the scene-rezzer at a skybox. Rezz it on the ground with lots of free space above you or some parts will refuse to load properly. Best pick a large sandbox with generous auto-return for your adventure!

Here is your Ticket!