4 July 2013

Seeking For New Holiday Destinations? Try This One!

Tired of the usual tourist-locations full of rude, drunken humans who mutate from pale to scarlet red on their first day? Perhaps an adventure holiday then - but not trivialities like to the Mt. Everest (overrun!), the jungle (bugged!) or to the Arctic Sea (simply friggin cold!). Do a journey you can proudly tell your grandchildren of - and their grandchildren even!

A Journey to the Center of the Earth!

Yay - Underground! Being a Drow I was of course excited about the destination!

Gigantic non-magic mushrooms!

At the center of the earth you find the ruins of ancient Atlantis - and some BIG trouble...

Aley did a lovely job again. The journey follows Jule Verne's original story rather loosely but its really fun to explore this set. A word though for the set-up. There is no documentation and to avoid a big mess, don't rezz the scene-rezzer at a skybox. Rezz it on the ground with lots of free space above you or some parts will refuse to load properly. Best pick a large sandbox with generous auto-return for your adventure!

Here is your Ticket!

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