26 June 2013

Jordan Reyne Live @Cyhtleen's Bookstore!

Before the big opening of the Kreativdorf (creative village) and Cyhtleen's bookstore at Kueperpunk's sim Ataria on coming Saturday 29th, Jordan gave a concert there tonight.
Its always a touching experience to listen to her. She is really one of the most gifted and charismatic performers in SL - no she doesn't pays me to say this! Its simply the truth :-)

Here a few impressions of the concert. I hope to see you there on Saturday too when she is reading her new horror story "Remembering the Dead".

Here the virtual time-space coordinates in short:

Jordan Reyne readying "Remembering the Dead" Saturday 29th, 1 PM SLT @Der Buchladen an der Ecke. No worries, the story is in English ;-)

More about Jordan:


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