23 June 2013

Again More of SL10B!

And I still haven't seen a live-event... I know it might be a tactical mistake to focus on the exhibits instead - which will be on for one more week contrary to the events which end on Sunday. But I'm sure they will be covered extensively elsewhere and exploring is simply so much more fun!

Today's series continues where I stopped last time (with a few excursions to places I bookmarked before but didn't come to write about them yet), so you can again follow my path more or less.

Ye Ole Bones

Lets hope the ship isn't supposed to represent the future of LL ;-)

Pose Pirate

I am against using the SLB-festivals for commercial promotion. The pirate ship looks great, but it won't make me buy something.


*I simply have no idea what that is!

But it looks quite good!

Phoenix Wave Team Mentors

A rare winged air-kraken! As the title already betrays the goal of the Phoenix Wave Team is to mentor new and old residents of SL.

The Transgender Lounge

Good to see another representation of the TG community. I think SL is quite attractive for transgender people. For obvious reasons.

Continental Navy

Another lovely sail-ship. This one is made with extensive use of Aley's countless freebies. Really worth a look!

Italian Mood

A beautiful example that a good exhibit doesn't has to be huge and spectacular. A classy, light and friendly design does the job just as well! 

Watchtower Iteration

Speaking of Huge and spectacular: interesting approach... and these silly planets refused to step out of the picture!

The Sink**
**Again I made that name up, not having an idea what name the builder gave this - if at all.

I guess this exhibit is made by somebody who's SL went down the sink :p

And if you think this looks silly, wait for...


That gets a 9/10 for cuteness! I admit I have soft spot for such cartoonish-things.

Bobbekins is a simple but fun board game. For the best experience the use of space-hoppers is strongly encouraged!

National Space Society in SL

Moon bases look often sooo Stanley Kubrick!

Even outside!

Rockcliffe University

The Rockcliffe University really woke my curiousity by the cool and quite unusual design of their pavillion.

Its a fine example for some good old fashioned prim-magic - great!

Thats quite a variety: from building to criminal justice...

Another Noteworthy Parcel without Name

And it looks great!

Of course hopping around on a red rubber ball adds a special some-thing to every picture!

Eupalinos Ugajin + Suzanne Graves

It may look the part, but this is not my rubber ball getting blown up. Its art!

Inside the rectangular building there is a underwater sound-installation where you can float to strange tunes.

Phew... and still more than a dozen landmarks wanting to be featured here. I'm losing hopes that I will attend any of the events on sunday, but at least I can say I didn't waste my time ;-)

More coming soon!

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