18 June 2013

SL10B - Yes, SL Is Really THAT Old!

10 years! OMG - time did fly! Its indeed hard to believe that Second Life was launched already 10 years ago. On June 23rd, to be precise.
It saw a lot of changes in that time. Some good decisions, some bad ones and some plainly stupid too - but there was one constant remaining over all these years: As long I can remember, people say SL is dead ;-)

Well, it seems quite alive actually. Just by looking at the many many green dots I saw at the SL10B-sims (on a monday! in hot june! - not quite the typical time to spend in front of your PC/Mac/steam-driven Difference-engine), its clear that there is a vivid community celebrating a truly unique part of the internet.
I am also happy to say that the quality of this year's exhibits seems to be very convincing. I had literally tons of photo opportunities today and certainly haven't seen much more than a fraction so far. This proves again what a fantastic platform for creativity SL is  - but enough words. Take a look:

And here some memorable exhibits I discovered on my first day. Be careful, its going to be a long post!:

The Time and Space Telescope

It doesn't look much spectacular from the ground.

But once you take the elevator to the top this changes!


A dinosaur-killing space-potato!

Eeeeeeeeek! Oh... just Phil ;-)

One of the fantastic installations from last year.

SL10B History Walk

Lots of history here!

Wow - SL really did start small!

Taxes for rezzing prims?! That was truly one of the more stupid ideas...

Of course they missed the most significant event of 2007 - me joining SL!

The best facelight I saw so far!

Oooooh! Airplane!

Of course I couldn't resist trying it. Btw: you can clearly see one of the disadvantages of baked textures: when you use one single texture on a large part, it get quite blurry.


Yes - definitely one of the more fitting names. Don't ask me whats the meaning of this installation is though ;-)

Arch d Linden Grande

A big - arch!

With readable content! And its an ooooold arch!

First Church of Rosendale

No SL-birthday is complete without this installation: Yes, its a huge water slide!

No comment.

The Behemoth

The name isn't promising too much!

A really spectacular exhibit. On your way to the top you follow the a narration about the origins of the beast.

Obviously it covers a lot different themes.

Of you click these uhmm... gnomes(?) a comic-like sequence starts.

Thats not a cheese wheel. Its a weird beard!

"I am the queen of SL!"

Confederate Response Force

A training group for fighting RL catastrophes. Quite interesting idea as long no-one gets the idea to just de-rezz a tornado...

The Wastelands

Wasteland barbecue! Funny that just across the street the Wastelands have their parcel. Its one of my favorite places to explore. If you like the Fallout-games you will love the Wastelands!

Arcadia Asylum - Then and Now

Great to see my favorite content creator has a parcel here too. She made countless fun and great looking creations over the years and never took a single L$! Btw: the big flying castle in the background is only 30 prims!

Taffy demonstrating how to power the grid with green energy.

Quest for the Golden Prim

No surprise I couln't resist featuring this: Steampunk! And Exploring! Niiiice!
This exhibit is featuring a graphic novel made by using SL screenshots. Really a fine idea.

I had no idea exploring is so simple! According to his map Africa is just a few centimeters away from my home!

A gallery featuring some dashing explorers!

Meta Meta Life

Simple, but really fun! I hope she doesn't turns off the PC as long Taffy is inside.

University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

Taking a break at the university's fine looking campus.

Time Travel

My feelings are a bit mixed about this one. On the one hand the pictures on display are quite good, on the other hand the installation looks a bit uninspired. You want to make look something artsy? Rezz some roman arcades and a field of poppies ;-)

Authenticating the Shroud of Turin with Second Life Tools

Quite a pompous title, isn't it? This exhibit was brought to us by the "Happy Hippo Building School". No, I am not kidding - thats really its name!

And here it is! To make a long story short: They made a sculpt-map of the Shroud of Turin using the brightness/darkness contrasts as indicator for its height values.

Call me ignorant if you like, but it looks more like a lunar landscape to me than anything else.

And yes: my LOD was all the way up when taking these pictures. So where did Apollo 11 land again? ;-)

As you can see for yourself SL10B offers you a lovely mixture of installations. Ranging from amazing to mediocre to... really, really odd. Don't miss it! :-)

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