19 June 2013

More SL10B!

How your perception can deceive you. I wasn't at all sure if I took enough pictures on Tuesday but going through my records I realized that I took again zillions!

I hope I can make it to see it all. 22 sims are a lot to explore and so far I wasn't even attending to any event. Two weeks can be so short!

A Doll's Life

Everyone who remembers the Greenies knows its always fun to play with scaling!

Me and Emma

Taffy standing on a quite burtonesque fireplace.

I'm Not Your Toy

This one is a rather serious exhibit aiming to increase the awareness of child abuse.
Children are the most vulernable and helpless in a world of adults. Don't look away when abuse happens.

Taffy and Goat look a bit misplaced here, don't they? ;-)


Flying Saucers Machinima Exhibition

Just a few steps away aliens (obviously from the disco-planet) invade a trailer park - fun!
Even if the laserbeam looks like actually shooting backwards!

On this picture Emma discovers that you can't open a washing machine from inside. While me and Goat discuss which washing program we choose.


Running Lady Studios

Looks like a film-related exhibit - and yes it is!

The selection of films is a bit - lets say "eclectic" though.
Perhaps its me, but I just don't quite get into a Christmas-feeling with more than 30° C outside!

Now this looks scandalous! Lets watch it!

I tried. I really tried - but I just didn't got the point of that film! I guess it doesn't has one. Neither a plot.
Perhaps I'm just not compatible to random fashion clips...

Its actually quite well made, and these thigh-high boots deserve extra credit. But to really entertain its just not enough. The film randomly changes from colour to black-and-white shots and uses way too many annoying fading transitions...

...which look really terrible when you make a still ;-)


The Rhinowriters are a gay blogging community. I'm sure you'd never guessed looking at that pink orb ;-)

Inside it features the profiles of the blogger (or at least profile-pictures) and links to their blogs.

Oh and the sofas have some really sweet couple poses!

House of Mirrors

Well, its actually not a house. Its obviously a garden!

The actual exhibit deals with the many facets of how people use art to express themselves in SL. Quite an interesting approach but with way too many text panels! I strongly recommend less explanations and more examples on display.

Oh and btw: I'm actually writing this blog on virtual paper!

Spanki Moulliez Photography and Artwork

Spanki (what a name!) pursues a very similar approach with presenting his works.

 Contrary to House of Mirrors he resists using too many words and lets his pictures talk - much better! 

And this is what people do who aren't in SL ;-)

Morgan Straits

Not far away from Spanki you find this lovely installation.

I think at this point Goat did complain about me sitting too much around :p


Quite stately. I don't quite get the point of this one either but at least it looks good!

Sadly the prims are all phantom. So all you can do is to stand before it in awe (as we do).

The Happy Hunting! Show on Treet TV

You may call me ignorant (please do, I really dont care) but I never heard of that show. I'm sure its most significant and important and informative and funny and entertaining and.. whatever else! The least I can say is that it really looks nice and relaxing.

SOME-TV: "So, Mr. Ebbage, when did you find out that you are actually a goat?"

Prim Perfect Publications

Lets hope the building holds together. Its a long week still! No, seriously: this looks really cool! Who needs right angles anyway?

Again I don't really know what this exhibit is about. I guess its about a blogger or a magazine (the word "publications" give quite a hint, huh?). I am not so happy with the sheer amount of random snapshots. This always looks like the artist can't decide which ones to pick. And of course it eats quite a chunk of your video cache - just saying ;-)

Hunt SL

Surprisingly this one is about hunts in SL! I had never guessed!

The interior features pictures and links and - more pictures and links.

It looks quite like the Tower of Babel - or are these steps actually symbolizing gift boxes?

Nitwacket - "It Started With A Cube"

More boxes! I really love this one. It strongly reminds me on another famous rectangular object!

If you walk inside (don't bother looking for the door. just walk through the walls) you find a stairway to...

another sofa! I should call this article "the sitting some"!  Well, lets see whats on TV: 

Ooooh! Sounds great!

I'm sure I will make a lot of friends now, but I like Tinies - caged :p

Caledon Oxbridge University Community Gateway

Caledon has a representation too - great! I was already sensing an alarming low amount of steampunk!

Now thats how a panel should look like: A healthy mixture of text and pictures.

Yummy! An Absinthe-creme birthday cake!

Emphatic Eccentricia

I don't know where the empathy is here but its definitely eccentric!

Lets hope Pinocchio won't drop his tray - its a loooooong way down!

Cheeky Pea Garden

After tons of huge and spectacular buildings I really appreciate an occasional green spot. And this is really a lovely one!

This time my friend Goat did refrain from making any comment about me sitting somewhere once again :p

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