21 June 2013

Even More SL10B!

Quite the creative headline, isn't it? I am quite overwhelmed about the sheer dimensions of the festival. Well, its not like I don't know its 22 sims large, but actually seeing them - and a good part of them is crammed with exhibits - is really something extraordinary. You can literally spend hours after hours there. And still you are doomed to miss something. I still haven't seen any live show :p
Today was really nice. Loads of photo-opportunities and some good chats with friendly, or at least mostly harmless people - but look by yourself:

The Blackened Mirror

The Blackened Mirror is another film project in SL. With a very appealing film-noir look and actually something like a plot! Great to have such a thing ;-)

Drow cameo! I think they did edit me out of the final cut though.

Obviously filming in SL is in no way different to its RL counterpart!

Apart from a teaser you can watch on the parcel you can also grab a media-HUD for watching the whole first season. Very nice!

Brennende Buchstaben

Brennende Buchstaben - burning letters in english - is the literatur project of the german blogger, author, cyberpunk and activist Küperpunk Korhonen (Torsten Küper in RL) with regular readings and other cultural events.

His parcel is really well made with its walls resembling printing paper and a huge printing press in the center. But this picture of him ("techically I'm full...") really left an impression on me ;-)

Oh, and then a bear suddenly appeared and did chat me up. I wonder if the fumes of the printing ink played a role there...

Little Blue Fermi Sandbox

This little-not-that-blue sandbox obviously encourages its visitor to use the linden roads more. Having explored the roads of most of SL's continents I really support this proposal. Driving in SL is fun. Even more now thanks to improved region crossings (it just took as little as 10 years for LL to fix that!).

A familiar sign - best you ignore it and do some cross-country intermezzo. Another road will show up sooner or later (or a banline of course).

Blue Fermi Genesis, Chapter I

If you wondered where the sandbox is - its really there. Just floating some 20 meters above the ground.

Starfleet Renaissance

Isn't hat cool - a starship bridge! Not surprising that this installation is made by a Star-Trek-RP-group!

Captain Some amongst some starfleet recruits.

Ah, the new shipment of Earl Grey-Tea arrives, engage!

HOPE 4 SATOBS: Redefining Oneself With Chronic Illness

This installation deals with a more serious topic. HOPE is a group dedicated to increase the quality of life for people with chronically diseases. I am not really an expert on that topic, but lets see what they have to show us.

The exhibit deals in a compelling way with the psychological aspects.

And offers creative answers encouraging humor, optimisim and positive thinking...

...like this transformation-cage! Why not being a bit silly sometimes?

Needless to say that I love cages (every regular reader surely knows this!) and in this one you can - with a few dancing steps...

...turn yourself into a leopard! Rawr!

In Memory of Greenie's Home

 Little green men! I think there is hardly a "SL-oldie" who doesn't warmly remembers the Greenie's Home-sim. It was certainly one of the most funny and unique places on the grid. And really standing out for its time in both ideas and building-quality. A pity thats its gone!

Nice little (perhaps unintended) detail. Next to the little green men lies the Area 51 parcel!

"Very nice. Now try something more challenging: S-O-M-E!"

How fascinating: A strange and exotic civilization with technology perhaps hundreds of years ahead of ours, but some things...

...seem to always stay the same ;-)

I think he is making a guestbook entry.

Winter's Time-Warp Sandcastle Hangout

Oooh, this looks fun too! And sooo suiting to the season!

Aquatic poetry!


The Grand Canyon

If you ever wanted to have the grand canyon in your backyard...

The Passage of Time

This sim actually paid tribute to this years "looking forward, looking back"-motto of the festival!

The interior consists of a daringly-coloured time-tunnel dealing with past events. At the end there is even a glance into possible future developements like Oculus Rift and access to SL via your webbrowser - quite interesting!

Happy Birthday Train*

*I just gave it that name. I frankly have no idea how the artist calls this exhibition - but it seems a suiting name ;-)

If you expect me saying something else than "chooo choooo!" at this sight, you are wrong ;-)

Yes I know - this snapshot begs for being cropped.

Holy hell! Even more exhibits!

I think next will be documenting the big installations at the sims in the center. I stayed away so far from them - for a good part because of the lag - and also because I do things my way. For every big installation you explore you don't have the time to see several of the smaller ones, which often enough don't stand behind them in terms of originality or building quality.

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