29 June 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 32 - A Toyland Special!!!

I had no idea what would await me behind that sign last time but I soon found out I would get enough great pictures for making the place worth an own post: Some goes to Toyland! :-)

Thumper - Toyland: I shouldn't have eaten the hippie-store-cookies...

This is for sure one of the sweetest places in Second Life!

Have I already mentioned I'm the SL-Queen of Hearts?

Of course I couldnt resist.

Not long after this one of the owners did invite me and another visitor to try out their newest installation. A robot fight!

Robot fight!

If you see Drows dancing on your birthday cake its probably too late to worry about your sanity anymore.

Is it a store?

Or a giant jack-in-the-box? Or both?

One thing is for sure though - the place is a lovely and colorful little dreamland!

I just have to try this one!

On the wheel of life.

Look long enough at it - and it speaks to you...

He is almost as cute as my triplane!

Somehow this wakes the Drow-princess in me.

But alas, even in Toyland there is trouble waiting around every corner:

Hey, did you just laught at me, you clown?

Got him!
To make a long story short: Toyland is perhaps one of the most funniest places in Second Life. Its teeming with cute and funny ideas and countless spots where you just say "wow!". If you like to live out the child in you, Toyland is just the right place.

28 June 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 31

Today meant "fighting" my way through wilderness till finally getting back on the road. Its always a little test of nerves avoiding banned parcels, but the joy of finally spotting some tarmac road is much greater then ;-)

Chilispoon - time to switch to my bike again.


Quite the tiki-stuff here.

Gardulla - Seems to be a road. Now... which way?
I decided to go north for returning from the south later on (the road leads in a big circle through the eastern part of Corsica). Again Second Life showed itself from a pretty friendly and colorful side along the road.

Celchu - Now thats a rare sign.

Cloudrider - somehow these traffic-signs are sort of ruining any easy-rider-feeling.

Symmetry - I am not sure what it is but it seems to contain a store - with some freebies btw.

Rosewood - I better don't tell him we have already June...
These peculiar cut hedges seem to be standard for this part of the continent. You can find them all along the road and they add (besides the traffic sign) a rather suburban feeling to it.

Immintel - chatting with a friendly Resident (who was pretty surprised to see someone using the road at all) at the local hippie store.

Everything to get hippie - and beyond...

Corfeld - why do I suddenly feel compelled to turn right?
The sign may already give a little hint that there's something colorful waiting for the interested traveller. I had no idea though how colorful... in the next days though I will feature the place I found extensively - I promise :-)

Oh, and due to an issue with the world map (as seen below) I had to use one from Second Life Department of Public Service. Not a bad substitute and the site shows all existing official roads on the grid:

A Firestorm Bug? The sims in the western part of the map just didn't wanted to appear on the map.

Since the roads are already displayed on this one I decided to mark my route with dots again. I will follow the big circle it describes and will later go on exploring the Memorial Zone and the Continent of Gaeta.

26 June 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 30

This time I literally ran out of road - again... and since there were no real good cross-road biking conditions at all (like too much open sea) I decided to do some walking and flying and such.

  Passendale - if he took the road perhaps?  

Jameed - Believe it or not, but that's the land of a vampire clan!

Skyridge - I don't think this needs a translation.

Behind  that sign lies a quiet little harbor - not only for boats it seems.

Greystones - a heavy-weathered stepped pyramid I assume.

Mallow - hmmmmm... surfing.


Travitown  - Drow-Swearword-Teaching Part 2.

Phearsom - lots of falling water.

After a little peeking into the island-area in the northwest of Corsica I decided to go east again - towards the center of the continent. Perhaps I find even roads there?

24 June 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 29

The strange ways of Second Life and rlv: was on my recent journeys usually the road missing, this time there was plenty of road there - just no possibility to bike. How comes? Find it out! ;-)

Baleful - an eagle tour? That's something different for sure...

Not bad - especially since I ran out of rezz-zones before - and can't steer a bike cuffed like this at all...

Cuffed Drow

My new friend - I call him Eddie the Eagle - seems to be a good navigator since follows the road pretty carefully. Well until crossing sims at Bogatanta Bay...

"Uhm... Eddie? ... EDDIE???"

Westerlay - Farmers Market. I wonder if the appearance of their houses allows any conclusions about their owner too...
No it didn't. Too bad it was abandoned. But behind that village...

...something military lies.

Yes, its still the same sim!

After a hunting-break - well rather a getting-hunted break as seen on the picture below - and being "convinced" to be part of a team vs. team combat. I went on with my journey.
Btw. all prejudices towards these sims have been confirmed. I actually was pretty glad as I got caught by my Miss. To the team-fight... well... it will never be my world...

Having a break from hunting and being hunted. They just don't have too many comfy chillout spots there...

They really have a special way to apprechiate their prey here...

Well, somehow (haha^^) I made it getting out of the "fun" - I deserted from the combat. Unfortunuately with blocked sitting. But again its not that a disadvantage: there no rezz-zone available at all ;-)

Ironstorm - did I say "no rezz"? LOL

Birchwood - just say no to self-driving vehicles- the scripts cause lots of lag and the ai is plain stupid.

Jessgate - uuuh hu?

Uuuh hu?²

Castledera - I can't help but these glowing windows give this tower a - certainly unintended - 80's-feeling. Perhaps the 1280's though...

Blacksticks - WTF???

Gorgonzola - St. Exupery Aiport - ooh - what a coincidence - I think it was today that I got a note they are closing soon.

Dead-end a la Linden Labs

...and a good time to call it a day. It was an eventful journey and this time im sure I broke the record for the most pictures in a post^^

YAY! Its been a long time since I could draw a straight line following a road! No off-road, no cross-country today! Just awesome smooth ROAD! (Route 11 to be precicely)